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I joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Calgary shortly after completing my Ph.D. (Statistics) at the University of Alberta with K. Carriére Chough.  My research interests lie in a number of areas, including methods for analyzing correlated data (e.g., joint modelling, mixed models), multivariate models and distances for mixed discrete and continuous outcomes, pseudo- and composite likelihood methods, estimating functions and estimating equations, copula modelling, assessment of diagnostic tests, statistical quality control, and statistical problems in medicine, particularly in ophthalmology. I am an associate editor of Journal of Statistical Computation & Simulation

I belong to the Research Group in Biostatistics (RGB), a group of biostatisticians in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics who carry out methodological research in statistics with emphasis on its applications in medicine and health, biology, genetics, the environment, and other related fields; I also belong to the University of Calgary Biostatistics Centre (UCBC) at the O'Brien Institute for Public Health.  My research is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada.

I teach a variety of statistics courses ranging from introductory- and intermediate- to more advanced graduate-level courses.  Besides teaching, I also supervise graduate students as well as occasional undergraduate research students.

Edited book

  1. A. R. de Leon & K. Carriére Chough (eds.) (2013).  Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications.  Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Book chapters/Letters to Editor

  1. G. Inan, O. Ilk-Dag & A. R. de Leon (2014).  Letter to the Editor re: "Logistic regression with multiple random effects: A simulation study of estimation methods and statistical packages," by Y. Kim, Y.-K. Choi, & S. Emery.  American Statistician, 68(2), 129-130.
  2. B. Wu & A. R. de Leon (2013).  Letter to the Editor re: "Sample size determination in clinical trials with multiple co-primary endpoints including mixed continuous and binary variables," by T. Sozu, T. Sugimoto, & T. Hamasaki.  Biometrical Journal, 55(5), 807-812.
  3. A. R. de Leon & K. Carriére Chough (2013).  Analysis of mixed data: An overview.  In Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications (A. R. de Leon & K. Carriére Chough, eds.), pp. 1-11.  Chapman & Hall/CRC.
  4. B. Wu, A. R. de Leon & N. Withanage (2013).  Joint analysis of mixed discrete and continuous outcomes via copulas.  In Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications (A. R. de Leon & K. Carriére Chough, eds.), pp. 139-156.  Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Recent papers

  1. D. Lu. A. Weljie, A. R. de Leon, Y. McConnell, O. F. Bathe, & K. A. Kopciuk (2017).  Performance of variable selection methods using stability-based selection. BMC Research Notes, 10, Article No. 143.
  2. Y. Perera, M. Ren, J. Punzalan, C. Rudnisky, & A. R. de Leon (2017).  Binocular sensitivity and specificity of screening tests in cross-sectional diagnostic studies of paired organs. Statistics in Medicine, 36(11), 1754-1766.
  3. F. Jiryaie, N. Withanage, B. Wu, & A. R. de Leon (2016).  Gaussian copula distributions for mixed data, with application in discrimination. Journal of Statistical Computation & Simulation, 86(9), 1643-1659.
  4. N. Withanage, A. R. de Leon & C. Rudnisky (2015).  Joint estimation of multiple disease-specific sensitivities and specificities via crossed random effects models for correlated reader-based diagnostic data: Application of data cloning. Statistics in Medicine, 34(29), 3916-3928.
  5. N. Withanage, A. R. de Leon & C. Rudnisky (2014).  Joint estimation of disease-specific sensitivities and specificities in reader-based multi-disease diagnostic studies of paired organs.  Journal of Applied Statistics, 41(10), 2282-2297.
  6. B. Wu & A. R. de Leon (2014).  Gaussian copula mixed models for clustered mixed outcomes, with application in developmental toxicology.  Journal of Agricultural, Biological & Environmental Statistics, 19(1), 39-56.

Recent students

  1. Beilei Wu, Ph.D. (Biostatistics, 2013), Contributions to copula modelling of mixed discrete-continuous outcomes. Senior Biostatistician, PAREXEL International.
  2. Niroshan Withanage, Ph.D. (Statistics, 2013), Methods and applications in the analysis of correlated non-Gaussian data. Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
  3. Ji Ruan, M.Sc. (Statistics, 2015), Cluster analysis of gene expression profiles via flexible count models for RNA-seq data.
  4. Mili Roy, M.Sc. (Statistics, 2015), Conditional dependence in joint modelling of longitudinal non-Gaussian outcomes.
  5. Mingchen Ren, M.Sc. (Statistics, 2016), Likelihood analysis of Gaussian copula distributions for mixed data via a parameter-expanded Monte Carlo EM (PX-MCEM) algorithm.

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