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Lot of universities and professional associations have Web resources listed on their sites. Here are only a few of these, but they will provide links to thousands of other resources. 

Electronic Text Center

Second Language Conferences  Conference focussing on language analysis and comprehension 
  Conference focussing on learning English as a second language. 


*Computer-Assisted Language Learning-Journal 
The International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning
*Interlink-Linguistic Journal 
Electronic Journals for Linguistics
*International Journal of American Linguistics 
A world forum for the study of languages native to North America, Central America, and South America.
*Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 
An international effort regarding the current theory of Pidgin and Creole Languages, and their application to education, and social contexts.
*Anthropological Linguistics 
A Linguistic journal providing a full study of the language and culture of people around the world.
*Journal of Celtic Language Learning 
An international review for researchers and teachers of modern Celtic languages.
For members of the foreign language community.
International journal for foreign and second language teachers.
The use of artificial intelligence to aid in education and learning.
Russian newsletter for professors and students of Russian.
Electronic review of French language and literature.
Chinese philosophical journal.
Internet literary journal publishing poetry on language and meaning.
A journal discussing the link between language, society, and culture (i.e. socio-economic status).
Monthly German nursing magazine.
French science magazine.
Faculty of Humanities-Electronic Journals.
List of electronic journals and newsletters of interest to LIS.
Italian language magazine focussing on short stories, satire, etc.
German internet magazine, discussing news and development of the Internet.
A collection of research papers covering almost any topic in Linguistics.
Transcript of the daily Radio Prague news, in five languages (Czech, English, German, French, and Spanish).
On-line language magazine for translators, interpreters, etc.
Journal, inviting submissions in all areas of spoken language processing.
Publication focussing on France and the French-speaking world.
A journal focussing on scholarly communication in the field of English Literature.
Introduction to linguistic concepts.
International journal of Chinese and Oriental languages-Information Processing Society.
Online journals information.
Journal focussing on contemporary issues in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese literature.
Links to German-language newspapers and other news sources in German-speaking countries.
Variety of linguistic journals/electronic resources from the University of Pennsylvania library.
Translations Online
Excellent links to translation online for many languages.