The International Conference on Lactoferrin Stucture and Function brings together individuals from academia, industry and government with diverse scientific backgrounds and interests who share a common interest in the study of lactoferrin and its potential applications.

Originally founded with the intention of bringing together research scientists who had a common interest in developing a thorough understanding of the nature of this fascinating glycoprotein and its diverse roles, it has since attracted scientists from widely different fields, thus facilitating extensive exchange of ideas and forging unique collaborative relationships amongst conference participants. The growing recognition of the potential benefits of lactoferrin in preventative and therapeutic applications has resulted in an increasing level of interest and participation by commercial companies. The format of the conference is designed to introduce and update participants on the various aspects of lactoferrin structure and function and provide a forum for reporting on the various preventative and therapeutic properties of lactoferrin and its derivatives. It also provides the opportunity to identify the outstanding questions pertaining to the detailed mechanisms of action that need to be addressed in order to optimally exploit its therapeutic potential.


The First International Conference on Lactoferrin Structure and Function was held in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1993 with approximately 70 attendees. Subsequent conferences have been held in Honolulu, Hawaii (1995); Le Touquet, France (1997): in Sapporo, Japan (1999); Banff, Canada (2001) and Capri, Italy (2003). The size of the conference has grown to between 200 and 300 participants.


Location and Accommodation

The VIIth International Conference on Lactoferrin Structure and Function will held at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.

NOTE: Room bookings should be made by February 30th in order to secure special conference rates.


The organization for the VIIth International Conference is being spearheaded by Dr. Bo Lonnerdal (University of California at Davis) with Toby Taylor (ttaylo@ucalgary.ca) serving as the administrative assistant.

Concluding Remarks from the VIth International Conference