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Tel: +1 403 220 7200
Fax: +1 403 282 5150
Room: MS 586
Math. Sci. Building
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada. T2N 1N4

I am a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Calgary. I've been in Calgary since the fall of 1997, and on faculty since the summer of 2000. Before coming to Calgary I was in the Department of Mathematical Sciences in Durham, and before that in the Numerical Analysis Group at Oxford University where I completed my D.Phil with Endre Süli (here's my thesis).


These days I work mainly in mathematical finance, focussing on problems related to risk management and pricing of derivatives for energy markets. I am also interested in scientific computation and numerical analysis - in particular the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

Here is a link to my google scholar profile.


In the 2016 fall semester I am teaching a ACSC 415, a course on mathematical finance for students in our actuarial science programme. Some other courses I've taught in recent years include AMAT 415, AMAT 481, ACSC 539.4, AMAT 583/683, MATH 275, AMAT 677.

Since 2007 I have been a visiting lecturer for Oxford University's Mathematical and Computational Finance Programmes, giving a short course on energy market modelling.


I am the Graduate Director for our department, and the co-director of the Mathematical and Computational Finance Laboratory. I also coordinate the PIMS Lunchbox Lectures on mathematics and its applications.


I've been married to Deb since 1987, and we have two boys - Aidan and Matthaeus. We are members of St. James' Anglican Church. I play the guitar and have written some songs. I am a bit of a `soccer' fanatic, so (living a long way away from Manchester as I do) it is perhaps natural that I should be a bit of a fan of the Red Devils.

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