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Hippocampal Electrophysiology


Past and Present Hippocampal Electrophysiology Students

Below are some of my students that I have enjoyed working with in the hippocampal electrophysiology laboratory. I have included his/her thesis title, the year's the individual studied here, the degree earned, and where possible a picture.

Please select a level of study:

PhD Level

James W. Smythe

PhD, 1987 - 1990

Hippocampal Formation Theta Field and Cell Activities Are Controlled By Cholinergic and GABergic Systems.


Clayton T. Dickson

PhD, 1990 - 1994

The Extrinsic Modulation of Entorhinal Cortex Theta: Field and Unit Activity Studies.


Scott D. Oddie

PhD, 1992 - 1996

Hippocampal Formation Theta Field Activity and Movement Selection.


Calvin Young

PhD, 2006 -



Master's Level

Oddete Marie Leblanc

MSc, 1976-1978

Developmental Aspects of Hippocampal Electrical Activity and Motor Behavior in the Rat.


Barbara Creery

MSc, 1976 - 1979

The Ontogeny of Dentate Hippocampal Electrical Activity and Motor Behavior in the Rabbit.


Michael G. Seto

MSc, 1980 - 1982

Hippocampal Dentate Layer Theta Cell Activity: Relations to Slow Wave Activity and Motor Behavior in the Freely Moving Rabbit.


Brian R. Sinclair

MSc, 1980 - 1982

Theta Cells in the CA1 Layer of the Hippocampal Formation: Relations To Slow Wave Activity and Motor Behavior in the Freely Moving Rabbit.


Carol I. Rowntree

MSc, 1982 - 1984

An Analysis of the Cholinergic Mediation of Type 2 Theta Activity in the Rat Hippocampus.


Susan K. Bland

MSc, 1983 - 1985

An Assessment of Medial Septal Input to Hippocampal Theta Cells: Effects on Firing Patterns and Behavioral Correlates.


Sylvie Roquet

MSc, 1985 - 1987

Anticholinergic Manipulation of Hippocampal Theta Rhythm and Theta Cells in Freely Moving Rabbits.


Richard Ford

MSc, 1986 - 1988

Spontaneous and Electrically Induced Activity of Medial Septum/Diagonal Band Neurons.


Brian R. Christie

MSc, 1986 - 1989

An Investigation of a Hypothalamic - Septal - Hippocampal Pathway in the Urethane Anesthetized Rat.


Victoria H. Lawson

MSc, 1989 - 1992

The Septal Control of Hippocampal Field Activity in the Freely Moving Rat: An Investigation Using Anesthetic and Cholinergic Agents


Scott Oddie

MSc, 1990 - 1992

The Role of the Posterior Hypothalamus in Hippocampal Synchrony.



Darren Scarlett

MSc, 1995 - 2001

The Effect of Medial Septal Stimulation on Hippocampal Neuronal Activity.



Nicholas Hallworth

MSc, 1998 –2001

Hippocampal Theta-Related Properties of the Basal Ganglia.



Audny Dypvik

MSc, 2000 – 2003

Cellular Discharges in the Red Nucleus Signal Both Onset and Frequency of Hippocampal Theta Field Activity.


Shandra DeClerk

MSc, 2000 - 2004

Properties of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate-induced hippocampal oscillation and synchrony.


Jesse Jackson

MSc, 2005-current

Title: TBA



Robert Crooks

MSc, 2006-current

Title: TBA


Patricia Mestek

MSc, 2006-current

Title: TBA