Bin Xu

face        Department of Mathematics and Statistics
        University of Calgary
        2500 University Drive
        Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4

I am a PIMS postdoc fellow at University of Calgary, 2015-2017. Previously, I was a member at IAS Princeton, 2014-2015.

I obtained my PhD under the supervision of James Arthur at University of Toronto, 2014. My thesis is about the endoscopic classification of automorphic representations of quasi-split general even orthogonal groups and general symplectic groups.

Here is my CV.

Research interest

I am interested in several aspects of Langlands program: More recently, I also become interested in understanding certain relations between representation theory of p-adic groups and microlocal geometry over complex manifold.

Research papers


Endoscopic classification of representations of GSp(2N) and GSO(2N).