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“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” - St. Jerome.


Have you ever wondered why people convert to the Catholic faith?  Or how about Roman Catholic beliefs and practices? Are you a Roman Catholic who wonders about some aspect of your faith? If so I hope to provide you with a few answers from a convert perspective to the Roman Catholic faith.

This site is meant to offer a simple defense of the Catholic faith through rudimentary apologetics. It is also directed to those who have a belief in God and that Jesus Christ is his son and the second person of the Trinity. For this faith and reason go together since God is the author of both.  St. Augustine put it well; “I believe so that I may understand and I understand so that I may better believe.”

If you believe and you are a Protestant Christian trying to understand the Catholic faith, then perhaps I can help you. My first question to you is “Who (as in which man) started the Catholic Church?” The word Catholic comes from the Greek word “ katholikos” which means universal. If you answered Jesus Christ then you have answered correctly. If you have no answer or disagree, but would like to know why I said Jesus Christ, then may I suggest you begin by reading “The One True Church” as a starting point. 

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