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About Us

BMESS or Biomedical Engineering Students Society is a student-run club at the University of Calgary. It was founded Spring 2005 by Michele Johnson and Bruce Chang. It is the first biomedical engineering student club in Western Canada. BMESS is committed to uniting its students in social activities and providing enriching academic experiences to those taking the undergraduate biomedical engineering specialization at the University of Calgary.

Current Executive Council

The current executive BMESS council of the 2016/2017 academic year is:

Thomas Lijnse - President
Erin Eastick - VP Communications
Parker Nesdoly - VP Finance
Loretta Ko - VP Events
Brandon Wong - VP Academic
TBA - (interim) VP External


All students enrolled in the biomedical engineering specialization at the University of Calgary are members of BMESS. Membership cards may be obtain from executive council members. To obtain your membership card, please approach any BMESS council member for one. Individual arrangements can also be made by sending and email to bmess@ucalgary.ca

As a member, you will be notified about academic and social events hosted by BMESS. These events are intended to enrich your student experiences as well as educate and prepare you for your future careers. It will also allow you access to biomedical engineering exclusive events such as cabs, icebreakers, BBQs, etc.

Those not enrolled in the biomedical engineering specialization may purchase a membership for $5 by approaching the executive council in the biomedical engineering homeroom during their weekly meeting or by arranging a meeting through email.

If you are interested in getting more involved with BMESS, you may do so in many ways. Students may apply to be second, third or fourth year liaisons. The maintenance of these positions varies every year depending on student interest and the needs of the club. Liaison selection is generally done in the Fall semester. Second years will be approached by a BMESS council member. If you are in third or fourth year and you wish to apply, please send an email to bmess@ucalgary.ca. Nominations, and subsequently, elections for executive council positions of the next academic term happen late in the winter semester. Election details will be posted at that time.

All members are welcomes at our weekly executive council meetings to address concerns or provide suggestions. Weekly meetings for the 2014 Fall semester will be held on Friday at 12:00 PM in ENA 121.

Meeting Minutes