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For Students

What do I need to do to graduate?
What are the biomedical classes like?
How do I get a job this summer/for my internship year/after I graduate?

Here are some easy answers to some of your questions. As always, we are committed to our members; if you have a question or comment about something you see or about something you don't, send an email to bmess@ucalgary.ca and we'll get back to you.

Program Requirements

To complete your degree, you must meet all the course requirements set by your corresponding engineering department (chemical, electrical, etc). Detailed and current curriculum sheets for all departments may be found here. In addition to core courses, biomedical engineering undergrad students are required to complete the necessary complementary studies courses to graduate. An outline for these complementary courses may be found here.

In general, documents unique to biomedical engineering students are as follows: