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March 2015

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Is Electricity as Easy as Flicking on a Switch?
Four power industry experts will take the stage on March 11 to present their arguments and views on Alberta’s energy challenge. Discover more »

Do more... join the Senate
UCalgary is looking for alumni and community members to join the university’s senate. If you’re passionate about advanced education, research and innovation, this may be the role for you.
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Alumni Spotlights
Anne kirker

One of Canada’s “Top 100 Most Powerful Women” Speaks Out
Alumna Anne Kirker, LLB’91, never went into law to be a lawyer. And certainly never set out on a path to power — yet here she is.
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Katie Green

What Happens When Mother Nature Stops Being Maternal
Katie Green, BFA’14, and five other artists embarked on 470-km paddle down the mighty Peel River — translating adventure into art.
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chris Popoff

Entrepreneur Chris Popoff is Ready to Go Nuclear
Loaded with chutzpah, Chris Popoff, BSc’05, MBA’10, took skills from both faculties and built Terrestrial Energy. Shazam!
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Peer Review

Peer Review Continues with an
All-Star Lineup

Our weekly podcast brings you gripping interviews with alumni.
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We Want to Hear from You
Want to help create volunteer opportunities with your alma mater? Step right up and join a focus group session.
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Campus News

Anatomy of a Homicide Investigation
How real is what we witness on CSI and The First 48? Discover what a homicide detective had to say.
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Jealousy Study
University of Calgary professor Peter Toohey talks about his book Jealousy and why the emotion isn't always negative.
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Prisons and Terrorists

Why Some Prisons Produce Terrorists
A UCalgary prof explains why specific prison conditions are more likely to produce terrorists.
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New Therapy Dramatically Benefits
Stroke Patients

The recent news behind the most significant change in acute ischemic stroke treatment in the last 20 years was led by researchers at UCalgary.
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Alumni Travel Alumni Travel

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Zoom in on the world — from Peru to the Great Bear Rainforest — with our latest Travel Study video.
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Alumni Events

Mar. 3-6
China Days »

Mar. 5
The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst »

TEDxCalgary Co-Founder Rahim Sajan »

Mar. 11
Electrical Power in Alberta »

Mar. 12
Oh, Canada; Nickle at Noon »

Mar. 16-18
Three Minute Thesis Competition »

Mar. 26
San Francisco Alumni — let’s connect! »

Apr. 9
A Discussion with Dr. Anthea Coster »

Apr. 28
NYC Alumni — catch up over art! »

Canada Life

Do I need life insurance when I’m young?
Even younger Canadians can benefit from having life insurance coverage. Learn more about insurance products from Canada Life…

Alumni Offer — 20% break on ATP’s Latest Play
The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst is a harrowing tale about a sailor lost in an around-the-world sailing race. The Mar. 5 discount includes a pre-show reception. Learn more »

Class Notes
Wedding, birth, promotion, anniversary, retirement, or award? Let us know about your major life events and we'll publish a selection in the next issue of UCalgary magazine. Send them to: netcommunity and go to Class Notes

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