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Oocyte Maturation

How does an oocyte become an egg?

Learning Objectives

  • Review hormonal interactions in mammals and frogs.
  • What is unusual about the mechanism of action of progesterone in promoting oocyte maturation?
  • How did Yoshio Masui demonstrate the presence of maturation promotion factor and cytostatic factor?
  • What is MPF, and how was its identity determined?
  • What is CSF, and how was its identity determined?
  • Review the interactions among p34, cyclin and c-MOS
  • What effect does alpha- amanitin have on progesterone-induced amphibian oocyte maturation? Why?

Digging Deeper:

Recent Literature

de Vantéry, C., Stutz, A., Vassalli, J.D. and Schorderet-Slatkine, S. 1997. Acquisition of meiotic competence in growing mouse oocytes is controlled at both translational and posttranslational levels. Develop. Biol. 187: 43-54.

Kume, S., Yamamoto, A., Inoue, T., Muto, A., Okano, H. and Mikoshiba, K. 1997. Developmental expression of the inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor and structural changes in the endoplasmic reticulum during oogenesis and meiotic maturation of Xenopus laevis. Develop. Biol. 182: 228-239.

Thibier, C., De Smedt, V., Poulhe, R., Huchon, D., Jessus, C. and Ozon, R. 1997. In vivo regulation of cytostatic activity in Xenopus metaphase II-arrested oocytes. Develop. Biol. 185: 55-66.

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Regulation of Protein Synthesis during Oogenesis, Oocyte Maturation and Early Development


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Dynamic Development at a Glance
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