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Fertilization: Activation of Development

How does the egg respond to fertilization?

Because it has medical, sociological, agricultural and economic implications, fertilization is one of the most fascinating and intensely-studied aspects of development. You should study carefully the textbook and the links listed below to understand fertilization. Be aware of distinct mechanisms that are used by different organisms.

The activation of development is a consequence of a sequence of events triggered by the sperm at the egg surface. The events and mechanism of egg activation in the frog egg are reviewed in the next series of links. Advance through these links until you come to "Frogs in Space".

Now, let's examine two additional aspects of this topic:

"Decondensation of sperm chromatin" from Zygote

"Structural changes in the endoplasmic reticulum during fertilization" from Zygote

Learning Objectives

  • Reconstruct the sequence of ionic events that initiate development after sperm-egg contact.
  • How is the gray crescent formed in the fertilized amphibian egg?
  • Describe subcortical rotation of the fertilized frog egg.
  • Describe the changes that occur in the deep cytoplasm of the fertilized frog egg.

Digging Deeper:

Link to Related Material

The Calcium Tsunami thru Fertilizing Medaka Fish Egg

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Dynamic Development at a Glance
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