Introduction to the Internet

 Intro to Internet  Amphibian Development  Fertilization  Gastrulation in Xenopus  Fish Development
 Development of C. elegans  Molecular Basis of Xenopus Development  Drosophila Development  Chick Development  Human Development
 Mouse Development  Eye Development    Heart Development

Our goal today is to help you become familiar with the electronic resources that will assist you in learning developmental biology this term. The computer has evolved into an interactive medium of information transfer that makes vast resources from around the world available to all of us. Each of us can access by a keystroke images that illustrate embryonic development and text that explains developmental phenomena. Furthermore, we can communicate with one-another to form a virtual community of scholars.

We shall first run through a few exercises that will help to familiarize you with some of the resources at your disposal. You have already taken the first steps: You have accessed the Internet. Although we are using Macintosh computers in the classroom, you may use any computer with high speed access to the Internet and a Web browser. Web-accessible computers are found at various locations on campus, or you may elect to use your own home computer to review material on the Web at any time. We shall also utilize material that is stored on the hard drives of the Macintosh computers in the classroom.

We shall begin by accessing The Virtual Embryo, which will be your gateway to developmental biology resources. By clicking on underlined text, you execute a "hypertext link", which takes you wherever you want to go in Cyberspace. Become familiar with the way that The Virtual Embryo is organized, but don't get too carried away, because you need to return here to continue today's exercise. Most pages of the Virtual Embryo have a Navigation Bar, which allows you to move around the site. You can also use the "Forward" and "Back" buttons on the toolbar to navigate. The navigation bar is shown below.


From Sperm and Egg to Embryo

Genetic Regulation of Development

Organizing the Multicellular Embryo

Generating Cell Diversity

The Foundations of Developmental Biology

Learning Resources

Research Resources


Developmental Biology Tutorial

The Developmental Biology Journal Club

Click on The Virtual Embryo. Notice how it is organized into three frames. When you click on most links, the page you access will show up in the main frame. One exception is "Dynamic Development", which opens in a new window. Open "Dynamic Development" and click on the link to your developmental biology course. This takes you to the course schedule and other course-specific material. Bookmark that page. It will be your primary access to course material. Note that you can return to The Virtual Embryo from it. When you are through navigating, return to this page.

Welcome back. In order to become familiar with WebWorld, let's go on a Scavenger Hunt. Remember: The Virtual Embryo is your gateway. Let's do the Scavenger Hunt.