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Who We Are

We are the Chemistry Students' Chapter; CSC for short or chem club. Like all other clubs we are part of the SU, but with many differences. We are part of a cross Canada chemistry students club organization where we are affiliated with the Department of Chemistry here at the U of C as well as the Chemcal Institute of Canada (CIC). Our name comes from the Canadian Society of Chemistry, in which The Chemical Institute of Canada is an umbrella organization for the three Constituent Societies. So each chem club across Canada name stems from using the initials CSC.

We as a club have been around as long as the U of C has been itself. Don't believe us, come check out some of our text books in our library. We have some really old books that once belonged to the profs here of what use to be the U of A southern campus. While each year our executive and liaisons change, who we are as a club has not. We may be a chem club, but with chemistry being needed in so many different degrees, the chem club has become filled with more than just chemistry students but with engineers, other sciences, and more. We have a nice space and we are happy to have anyone and everyone come on down and hang out.

What we are is a group of friends that invite everyone to come on down, get to know us. Make a few friends and have somewhere on campus that you can call home away from home.



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How To Find Us

From upstairs in Science B, near SB 103

Then in the basement,

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