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With your $5.00 membership fee:


We at the CSC provide not only educational advantages, but also like to provide food at great prices. Our food is cheap because we are not in the business of making money off food. Its just another way that we like to make students lives better. That and because we are our own best customers, and we don't want to pay high university prices either.


  • Pop $0.50


  • Chocolate bars $0.75
  • Corn dogs (1) $0.75
  • Pizza Pops (2) $1.25
  • Microwaveable Lunches $1.50
  • Bowl Noodle Soup $0.75
  • Ice Cream products $1.00
  • Beef Jerky $1.25

Lab Wear

  • Goggles: $5
  • Lab Coat rental: $2 plus ID card deposit
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