Susan Crichton

New Friends - Tianquan, Sichuan, PRC

A dear colleague once wrote the following introduction for me --- while humbled, I love the words and certainly can do no better!

Susan has been a teacher in BC, Alberta, California and Australia. She received her doctorate in ’98 from University of Sydney, Australia, with a focus on computer mediated distance learning. Throughout her tenure as an educator, she has been an instruction designer, courseware developer, administrator and innovator in the intersecting realms of curriculum and technologies.

Susan is a champion of learners! Whether developing self-paced curricula for school aged students in a facilitated learning centre, designing learning packages for adult community groups, mentoring colleagues in a technology enhanced professional development activity or pioneering one of the first pre-service programs for distributed and online learning, Susan is an educator whose focus is always on optimizing the learning experience so her students can achieve success.

Susan has been duly recognized for her many contributions; among these the Mashall McLuhan Distinguished Teacher award, Canadian Computer Education Teacher of the Year award and the National award from the Canadian Centre for Creative Technology. Her many research papers and projects speak to a solid understanding of the learning process and the keys to success.

Thanks for these words, Dane!

I joined the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary in 2001 in the Specialization of Educational Technology. In July 2011 I moved to the University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus to join the Faculty of Education - Secondary Language Arts and New Media. Part of my portfolio is is Coordinator of Graduate Programs.

Research Expertise
Appropriate technologies; New media; Blended and online learning; Digitally enhanced qualitative research methodologies; Teacher preparation; Secondary Language Arts and Humanities; Professional development; K-12 Technology integration; Development; and Social justice

Professional AffilitationsAssociate professor - Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus (2011 - present)

  • Adjunct professor - Faculty of Education, University of Calgary (2011 - present)
  • Centre for Commonwealth Education Fellow - University of Cambridge - Faculty of Education (2010 - present) (
  • Blended Learning Consultant - Aga Khan University (2011 - present)