Conny Davidsen

Assistant Professor

Environmental Policy and Governance

Department of Geography

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Dr. Conny Davidsen is interested in environmental policy and governance processes from a political ecology perspective, especially local-global and discourse-media interfaces, implementation and communication challenges across multi-scale environmental governance and policy implementation. This includes environmental movements and conflict, socio-environmental discourses and roles of the media, environmental/political and media literacy in public discourses and the dynamics of science-politics-media, indigenous/aboriginal rights movements, community-based forms of environmental governance, multidisciplinary challenges in environmental communication and policy learning, conflict and development. Past and present projects in Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Alberta, Nepal, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nunavut, and British Columbia. Research themes:


1. Local-Global: Governance and Conflict in Conservation and Development


Environmental policy implementation in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and others


2. Local Governance: Community-based Approaches, Indigenous Rights and Local Control


Local community forestry, indigenous land reforms and local environmental governance in Ecuador, Mexico, British Columbia, and others

3. Environmental Discourses, Media Literacy and Democracy


Democratization, local representation and the role of the media in environmental discourses in the Amazon and in the Canadian climate change discourse


Graduate research opportunities may be available for PhD, MA and MGIS levels. If interested please contact Dr. Davidsen.



email: davidsen[at]

phone: 403 220 5591

fax: 403 282 6561


Department of Geography

University of Calgary

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