Principal Investigator

Dr. Darren Derksen

     Postdoctoral Research - University of Cambridge

          (Supervisor: Prof. Ian Paterson)

     PhD - University of Alberta

          (Supervisor: Prof. John C. Vederas)

     BSc - University of Alberta

Research Associate

Dr. Evgueni Gorobets

     Research Associate

              - University of Calgary (Keay Lab)

     Postdoctoral Research 

              - National Chiao Tung University

              - Polish Academy of Science

     PhD - The Institute of Organic Chemistry, 

              Bashkir Scientific Centre, 

              Russian Academy of Science

     BSc - The Ufa Oil Institute

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Andrew Flewelling

     PhD - University of New Brunswick, Saint John

     MSc - University of New Brunswick, Saint John

     BSc - University of New Brunswick, Saint John

Graduate Students 

JinGyu Lee, PhD Candidate

     BSc - Thompson Rivers University


James Papatzimas, PhD Candidate

     (NSERC CGS-M, Alberta Innovates Graduate Studentship)

     BSc - St. Francis Xavier University

Duncan Brownsey

     (Queen Elizabeth II Award)

     BSc - University of Calgary

Undergraduate Researchers


402 - Jacqueline Fahrner


402 - Ashley Weleschuk


402 - Catherine Huynh


402 - Wincy Liu


402 - Sam Krukowski

If you are at the U of C and interested in joining for a 402 or 502 project, please contact us.

Recent Alumni

Name                     Position in Derksen Group                       Left our lab to go to go to:

Christina LeGay     MSc Chemistry / 2017                                         Medicure Inc. - Hospital Account Associate

Dean Lang               Undergraduate Research Student / 2016       Graduate School - Biol. Sciences - Calgary (Ng)

Juan Araneda         Post-doctoral Researcher/2015-2016              Nanalysis - Applications Chemist

Beth Barretto          Undergraduate Honours Student / 2014        Graduate School- Mol. Bio. - Calgary (Grewal)

Shawn Brophy        Research Technician / 2013                               Medical School, Dalhousie  

Laura Brothers       Undergraduate Honours Student / 2012        Graduate School - Chemistry - McGill (Bohle)   

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