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*Susan Katz - Author of the novel for young readers, Snowdrops for Cousin Ruth.

*Ezra Jack Keats - "A Multimedia Exhibition" featuring the author of The Snowy Day and many other picture books.

*Jackie French Koller - The author lists her books and provides some biographical information.

*Robin Michal Koontz - A nice-looking Web page with sample illustrations and some biographical information about the illustrator and author.

*Paul Kropp - A web page by the Canadian author.

*Jane Kurtz - An author whose books often draw on her experiences in Ethiopia.

*Kathryn Lasky - A website by the author of over 50 fiction and nonfiction titles.

*Edward Lear - There was an Old Derry Down Derry - This Web site includes the text and illustrations of many of Lear's limericks and nonsense poems, as well as some biographical and bibliographical information.

*Marshall Leggett - An illustrator with a small online portfolio of illustrations from children's stories.

*Madeleine L'Engle

*The Madeleine L'Engle WWW Resource - A fan page that includes good links to articles, interviews, and reviews.

*The Madeleine L'Engle Fan Homepage - Includes a list of the author's works.

*The Wheaton College Gopher - Biographical information and finding aids describing the Madeleine L'Engle Papers housed at Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections.

*Lois Lenski - The archival collections at UNC Greensboro.

*C.S. Lewis

*Into the Wardrobe - A World-Wide Web page for C.S. Lewis and Narnia fans.

*MereLewis - A C.S. Lewis mailing list. To subscribe, send email to, leave the subject line blank, and in the body, type SUBSCRIBE MERELEWIS and your name.

*Alt.books.cs-lewis - A Usenet newsgroup.

*Patricia Lillie - A website by an author of picture books, graphic designer, and typographer. The information about her books is on the page called My Other Life.

*Jack London - A huge archive of his writings, as well as photos and documents related to his life.

*Maud Hart Lovelace - The Betsy-Tacy Homepage - Information about the books, the characters, and their world.

*Mary E. Lyons - A writer of several books for young people is now hosting her own page.

*Suse MacDonald - The picture book creator has an attractive, well designed web site that includes some activities.

*Kevin Major[***] - The award-winning Canadian author, has put up a website that includes teaching ideas for his novels.

*John Marsden - Australian author of the gripping "trilogy" (five books so far!) that started with Tomorrow, When the War Began.

*Jacqueline Briggs Martin - author of the Bizzy Bones picture books.

*Anne McCaffrey

*Dragonhold-Underhill - Anne McCaffrey's official home page includes sample chapters, nice photos, and more.

*Anne McCaffrey - This is a good textual biography.

*Michael McCurdy - The illustrator has samples of his wood engravings and scratchboard illustrations available.

*Alice McLerran - Author of several books including Roxaboxen and The Ghost Dance.

*Janet McNaughton - The Canadian writer has a website with information about her books, and the (kids') books she likes to read.

*Sylvia McNicoll - A page by the Canadian author of books for children and young adults.

*Geoffrey McSkimming - Author of the Cairo Jim series.

*A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh)

*Richard Sun's Winnie the Pooh Page - This site contains "the official" Frequently-Asked-Questions list, graphics, trivia questions, and more.

*The Page at Pooh Corner - Good for information about A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard, and links to further Pooh-places.

*Winnie the Pooh "Expotition" - A site devoted to Winnie the Pooh written, designed, and coded by a 12-year-old.

* - A Usenet newsgroup for the discussion of all things Pooh.

*James Moloney - Author of A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove and other books for young adults.

*Lucy Maud Montgomery

*The Lucy Maude Montgomery Institute - Includes information about L.M. Montgomery, the Institute, and the Kindred Spirits electronic mailing list. There's also an online quiz.

*Anne's Land - The Prince Edward Island Visitor's Guide includes Green Gables-related tourist information, and information related to L.M. Montgomery.

*Judi Moreillon - Author of a picture book, Sing Down the Rain, about the Tohono O'odham American Indians.

*Deborah Morris - The author of the Real Kids, Real Adventures series has a page with biographical information, and summaries of the books.

*Evelyn Clarke Mott - Author and illustrator of seven books for children of all ages.

*Robert Munsch - The fabulously popular Canadian picture book author of The Paper Bag Princess and (grr) Love You Forever.

*Shirley Rousseau Murphy - The author's website includes information about her children's books and young adult fantasies, as well as books written for adults.

*Kenn Nesbitt - "Poetry for Kids."

*Perry Nodelman - Canadian author and scholar

*Kathy Noll - Author of Taking the Bully by the Horns.

*Sheldon Oberman - The writer and storyteller has a web page that is particularly rich in resource material.

*Robert C. O'Brien - A website for the Newbery-winning author, set up by a fan. It features several interesting essays on Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

*Ruth Ohi - Information about the Canadian illustrator.

*Mary Pope Osborne - The Magic Treehouse series.

*Katherine Paterson - The author's own web site, with descriptions of her books.

*David Patneaude - A Web page by the author of three mystery/adventure books for young people.

*Korky Paul - Award-winning illustrator.

*Sylvia Peck - Author of Seal Child.

*John Peterson - Author of "The Littles" book series and more.

*Dav Pilkey[***] - Fans of the author-illustrator (I'm one!) won't want to miss his Extra Crunchy Website o' Fun!

*Patricia Polacco[***] - Award-winning author/illustrator of The Keeping Quilt, Pink and Say, and many more.

*Beatrix Potter

*The Peter Rabbit Web Site - "The Official and Definitive site about the world of Beatrix Potter"

*Beatrix Potter - This mostly textual biography also includes a couple of links to information about Beatrix Potter's botanical drawings, and travel information about Beatrix Potter and the Lake District.

*Natalie Jane Prior - "The Paw's Hideout."

*Philip Pullman - A beautiful Web site to promote The Subtle Knife and The Golden Compass, the first two books of Philip Pullman's outstanding fantasy trilogy.

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