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Kate Greenaway Medal

Shortlist of 1996 Publications

Winner will be announced Summer of 1997

List of Previous Winners

*Christina Balit - Ishtar and Tammuz : a Babylonian myth of the seasons. Text by Christopher Moore (Frances Lincoln)

*Caroline Binch - Down by the River: Afro-Caribbean rhymes, games, and songs for children. Text compiled by Grace Hallworth (Heinemann)

*Ruth Brown - The Tale of the Monstrous Toad (Andersen Press)

*Helen Cooper - The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed (Doubleday)

*Susan Field - The Smallest Whale. Text by Elisabeth Beresford (Orchard Books)

*Debi Gliori - Mr Bear to the Rescue (Orchard Books)

*Colin McNaughton - Oops! (Andersen Press)

*Korky Paul - The Duck That Had No Luck. Text by Jonathan Long (Bodley Head)

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Saturday, May 24, 1997
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