Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, 1995

National Science Teachers Association, in cooperation with the Children's Book Center.

Outstanding children's (prekindergarten to grade 8) science trade books published in the U.S. in 1994. Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are Selectors' Choices -- books that the panel responded to with particular enthusiasm. An indication of reading level is provided in parentheses for each title: P = Primary, I = Intermediate, A = Advanced.

An annotated version of this list appears in the March 1995 issue of Science & Children. For more information about the National Science Teachers Association, visit their Web Page.

Archaeology, Anthropology & Paleontology

Frozen Man. David Getz, illustrated by Peter McCarty. Holt, 80pp. (P,I)
Also recommended in the Redfeather Books series:

Earthworms: Underground Farmers. Patricia Lauber, illustrated by Todd Telander. 64pp. (P,I)
Spotted Owl: Bird of the Ancient Forest. Brenda Z. Guiberson. 80pp. (P,I)

The Iceman. Don Lessem (illustrated). Crown, 32pp. (P,I)

The Search for Seismosaurus: The World's Longest Dinosaur. J. Lynett Gillette, illustrated by Mark Hallett. Dial, 40pp. (I)


* Barbara McClintock: Alone in Her Field. Deborah Heligman, illustrated by Janet Hamlin. Scientific American, 64pp. (I)
Also recommended in the Science Superstars series:

Jack Horner: Living with Dinosaurs. Don Lessem, illustrated by Janet Hamlin. 48pp. (I)

Champion for Children's Health: A Story about Dr. S. Josephine Baker. Greg Ptacek, illustrated by Lydia M. Anderson. Carolrhoda, 64pp. (I)

* Liftoff! An Astronaut's Dream. R. Mike Mullane, illustrated by Mike Wimmer. Silver Burdett, 114pp. (I)

* Marie Curie, Discoverer of Radium. Margaret Poynter (illustrated). Enslow, 128pp. (I)

Also recommended in the Great Minds of Science series:

* Charles Darwin, Naturalist. Margaret J. Anderson (illustrated). 128pp. (I)
William Harvey, Discoverer of How Blood Circulates. Lisa Yount (illustrated). 128pp. (I)

Earth Science

Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids. Seymour Simon (illustrated). Morrow, 32pp. (I)

Deep-Sea Vents: Living Worlds Without Sun. John F. Watts (illustrated). Cobblehill, 48pp. (I,A)

Mountains. Seymour Simon (illustrated). Morrow, 32pp. (I)

Thunderstorm! Nathaniel Tripp, illustrated by Juan Wijngaard. Dial, 40pp. (I)

Winter Across America. Seymour Simon (illustrated). Hyperion, 32pp. (P,I)

Zero Gravity. Gloria Skurzynski (illustrated). Bradbury/Simon & Schuster, 32pp. (I)

Environment & Ecology

* Ancient Ones: The World of the Old-Growth Douglas Fir. Barbara Bash, illustrated by the author. Sierra Club, 32pp. (P,I)

* The Eagle and the River. Charles Craighead, photographs by Tom Mangelsen. Macmillan/Simon & Schuster, 32pp. (P,I)

The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home. George Ancona, photographs by the author. Macmillan/Simon & Schuster, 40pp. (I)

Mangrove Wilderness: Nature's Nursery. Bianca Lavies, photographs by the author. Dutton, 32pp. (I)

Sactuary: The Story of Three Arch Rocks. Mary Ann Fraser, illustrated by the author. Holt, 32pp. (I,A)

* Sand and Fog: Adventures in Southern Africa. Jim Brandenburg, photographs by the author. Walker, 48pp. (I,A)

The Serengeti Migration: Africa's Animals on the Move. Lisa Lindblad, photographs by Sven-Olof Lindblad. Hyperion, 40pp. (I)

Squish! A Wetland Walk. Nancy Luenn, illustrated by Ronald Himler. Atheneum/Simon &Shuster, 32pp. (P)


Julie. Jean Craighead George, illustrated by Wendell Minor. HarperCollins, 176pp. (I,A)

Life Science

All about Alligators. Jim Arnosky, illustrated by the author. Scholastic, 32pp. (P,I)

America's Prairies. Frank Staub, photographs by the author. Carolrhoda, 48pp. (I)

A Beekeeper's Year. Sylvia A. Johnson, photographs by Nick Von Ohlen. Little, Brown, 32pp. (I)

A Caribou Journey. Debbie S. Miller, illustrated by Jon Van Zyle. Little, Brown, 32pp. (P,I)

Deer and Elk. Doroth Hinshaw Patent, photographs by William Muñoz. Clarion, 80pp. (I,A)

Discover Hidden Worlds: The Home. Heather Amery and Jane Songi (illustrated). Golden, 48pp. (I)

Also recommended: Discover Hidden Worlds: The Human Body
Eyewitness Natural World. Steve Parker (illustrated). Dorling Kindersley, 192pp. (I,A)

Flies are Fascinating. Valerie Wilkinson (illustrated). ChildrenŐs Press, 32pp. (P)

Hunter in the Snow: The Lynx. Susan Bonners, illustrated by the author. Little, Brown, 32pp. (I)

Lobsters: Gangsters of the Sea. Mary M. Cerullo, photographs by Jeffrey L. Rotman. Cobblehill, 64pp. (I,A)

My Five Senses. Margaret Miller, photographs by the author. Simon & Schuster, 24pp. (P)

Oceanarium. Joanne Oppenheim, photographs by Alan Gutierrez. Bantam, 48pp. (I,A)

Outside and Inside Birds. Sandra Markle, photographs by the author. Bradbury/Simon & Schuster, 40pp. (P,I)

* Outside and Inside Spiders. Sandra Markle, photographs by the author. Bradbury/Simon & Schuster, 40pp. (P,I)

Snakes. Eric S. Grace (illustrated). Sierra Club, 64pp. (P,I)

A Swim Through the Sea. Kristen Joy Pratt, illustrated by the author. Dawn, 44pp. (P,I)

This Way Home. Lisa Westberg Peters, illustrated by Normand Chartier. Holt, 32pp. (P)

* Those Amazing Ants. Patricia Brennan Demuth, illustrated by S.D. Schindler. Macmillan/Simon & Schuster, 32pp. (P)

Watch them Grow. Linda Martin, illustrated by Sandra Pond and Will Giles. Dorling Kindersley, 48pp. (P)

Your Dog's Wild Cousins. Hope Ryden, photographs by the author. Lodestar, 48pp. (I)

Physical Science

What makes a Shadow? Clyde Robert Bulla, illustrated by June Otani. HarperCollins, 32pp. (P)
Also recommended in the Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science series:

Oil Spill! Melvin Berger, illustrated by Paul Mirocha. 32pp. (P,I)
What Lives in a Shell? Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, illustrated by Helen K. Davie. 32pp. (P)

Technology & Engineering

Science to the Rescue. Sandra Markle, photographs by the author. Atheneum/Simon & Schuster, 48pp. (I,A)
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