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Resource Links' reviewers and review coordinators have selected these titles as "The Best" we've seen during our first year of publication.


ATWOOD, Margaret.
Princess Prunella and the purple peanut. Illustrated by Maryann Kovalski. Key Porter, 1995. (1.3).

AURA, Alejandro.
The other side. Illustrated by Julia Gukova. Annick, 1995. (1.1).

BOURGEOIS, Paulette.
Franklin has a sleepover. Illustrated by Brenda Clark. Kids Can, 1996. (1.5).

BROWNRIDGE, William Roy.
The moccasin goalie. Orca, 1995. (1.1).

How the pinto got her colour. Illustrated by Anne Hanley. Pemmican, 1995. (1.4).

BURTON, Katherine.
One grey mouse. Illustrated by Kim Fernandes, Kids Can, 1995. (1.2).

BUTLER, Geoff.
The killick: A Newfoundland Story. Tundra, 1995. (1.3).

CHASE, Edith Newlin.
Secret dawn. Illustrated by Yolaine Lefebvre. North Winds, 1996. 30pp. (1.5).

Just stay put: A Chelm story. Groundwood, 1995. (1.4).

COOPER, Helen.
Little monster did it! Doubleday, 1995. (1.5).

DAVIS, Aubrey.
Bone button borscht. Illustrated by Dusan Petricic. Kids Can, 1995. (1.2).

DAVIS, Virigina.
Simply ridiculous. Illustrated by Russ Willms. Kids Can, 1995. (1.4).

Lollypop's farm.
Lollypop's music.
Lollypop's travels.
Lollypop's zoo. Board/pop-up book. Illustrated by Helen Desputeaux, Editions Chouette, 1995. (1.2).

DENTON, Kady Macdonald.
Would they love a lion? Kingfisher, 1995. (1.1).

DUBE, Pierrette.
Sticks and stones. Translated by Petra Johannson. Illustrated by Dominique Jolin. Scholastic Canada, 1995. (1.1).

GALOUCHKO, Annouchka Gravel.
Sho and the demons of the deep. (First edition). Annick, 1995. (1.2).

GILMAN, Phoebe.
Gypsy Princess. Scholastic,1995. (1.3).

GODKIN, Celia.
Ladybug garden. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1995. (1.1).

How Smudge came. Illustrated by Ron Lightburn. Red Deer College, 1995. (1.4).

HARRIS, Pamela.
Hot, cold, shy, bold: Looking at opposites. Kids Can, 1995. (1.3).

Tess. Illustrated by Ruth Ohi. Annick, 1995. (1.1).

Little brother moose. Illustrated by Karlyn Holman. Dawn, 1995. (1.4)

The magic ear. Illustrated by Victor Bosson. Orca, 1995. (1.2).

LITTLE, Jean and Claire Mackey.
Bats about baseball. Illustrated by Kim LaFave. Viking Penguin, 1995. (1.1).

LOHANS, Alison.
Nathaniel's violin. Illustrated by Marlene Watson. Orca, 1996. (1.5).

MACDONALD, Anne Louise.
Nanny-Mac's cat. Illustrated by Marie Lafrance. Ragweed, 1995. (1.1).

MANSON, Ainslie.
Just like new. Illustrated by Karen Reczuch. Groundwood, 1995. (1.3).

Going to the fair. Illustrated by Sheena Lott. Orca, 1996. (1.5)

MUNSCH, Robert and Saoussan Askar.
From far away. Illustrated by Michael Martchenko. Annick, 1995. (1.1).

OBERMAN, Sheldon.
The white stone in the castle wall. Tundra, 1995. (1.3).

Lucy and the pirates. Illustrated by Matilda Harrison. Tradewind, 1996. (1.5).

QUINLAN, Patricia.
Baby's hands. Illustrated by Linda Hendry. Annick, 1996. (1.5).
Baby's feet. Illustrated by Linda Hendry. Annick, 1996. (1.5).

Raffi's top 10 songs to read. Various illustrators. Crown, 1996. (1.5).

Rats came back. Illustrated by Rudolf Kurz. Annick, 1995. (1.1).

The magic boot. Illustrated by Pierre Pratt. Annick, 1995. (1.4).

SMUCKER, Barbara.
Selina and the bear paw quilt. Illustrated by Janet Wilson. Lester, 1995. (1.5).

Wild in the city. Owl Books, 1995. (1.1).

TYRRELL, Frances.
Woodland Christmas. North Winds Press/Scholastic, 1995. (1.1).

VAAGE, Carol.
Bibi and the bull. Illustrated by Georgia Graham. Dragon Hill, 1995. (1.5).

WALDRON, Kathleen Cook.
Ivan and the All-Stars. Illustrated by mark Thurman. Boardwalk, 1995. (1.4).

A fish tale or the little one that got away. Groundwood, 1995. (1.5).

ZEMAN, Ludmila.
The last quest of Gilgamesh. Tundra, 1995. (1.1).

This list originally appeared in Resource Links Volume 1, Number 6 (August 1996). The number in parentheses after each citation indicates the issue in which the title was reviewed.

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