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Resource Links' reviewers and review coordinators have selected these titles as "The Best" we've seen during our first year of publication.


ADAMS, Georgie.
Highway builders. Annick, 1996. (1.5).

BAILLIE, Marilyn.
Little wonders: Animal babies and their families. Illustrated by Romi Caron. Owl, 1995. (1.1).
Time to eat: Animals who hide and save their food. Owl, 1995. (1.1).

BERTON, Pierre.
Attack on Montreal. (The Battles of the War of 1812 series). Illustrated by Paul McClusker. McClelland and Stewart, 1995. (1.5).

BOOTH, David.
Images of nature: Canadian poets and the Group of Seven. Kids Can, 1995. (1.2).

BURKE, M.R. and C.L. Malczewski.
Social studies through drama. Learning through drama, Carol L. Malczewski, 1995. (1.2).

BURTON, Valerie.
Making photographs. Burgher, 1995. (1.4).

DHEENSAW, Cleeve and Deanna Binder.
Celebrate the spirit of the Olympic Games. Orca, 1996. (1.6).

Gifts to make with Crayola model magic kit. Scholastic, 1996. (1.6).

FORSYTH, Adrian.
How monkeys make chocolate: Foods and medicines from the rainforests. Owl, 1995. (1.2).

In Flanders Fields: The story of the poem by John McCrae. Illustrated by Janet Wilson. Lester, 1995. (Grades 3-6). (1.3).

GREENE, Caroline.
The Canadian babysitter's handbook. Random, 1995. (1.4).

Hello Canada (series). Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Alberta. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
British Columbia. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Manitoba. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Newfoundland and Labrador. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
New Brunswick. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Northwest Territories. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Nova Scotia. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Nunavut. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Ontario. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Prince Edward Island. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Quebec. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Saskatchewan. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).
Yukon. Lerner, 1995. (1.6).

HERRIDGE, Doug and Barbara Chernin.
Ecosystems. Gage International, 1995. (1.1).

HICKMAN, Pamela.
The kids Canadian plant book. (Kids Canadian Nature Series). Illustrated by Heather Collins. Kids Can, 1996. (1.5).
The night book: Exploring night after dark with activities, experiments and information. Illustrated by Suzanne Mogensen. Kids Can, 1996. (1.6).

HODGE, Deborah.
Bears: Polar bears, black bears and grizzly bears. Illustrated by Pat Stephens. (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series). Kids Can, 1996. (1.6).
Wild cats: Cougars, bobcats and lynx. Illustrated by Nancy Gray Ogle. (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series). Kids Can, 1996. (1.6).

How fast is a cheetah? Illustrated by Tudor Humphries. Scholastic, 1995. (1.5).
How big is a whale? Illustrated by Tudor Humphries. Scholastic, 1995. (1.5).

KALMAN, Bobbie.
A B sea. (Crabapples Series). Crabtree, 1995. (1.3).

KALMAN, Bobbie and Tammy Everts.
Dolphins. (Crabapples Series). Crabtree, 1995. (1.3).
Horses. (Crabapples Series). Crabtree, 1995. (1.3).
How a book is published. (Crabapples Series). Crabtree, 1995. (1.3).
Nicola's floating home. (Crabapples Series). Crabtree, 1995. (1.5).
Really weird animals. (Crabapple Series). Crabtree,1995 (1.3).

KALMAN, Bobbie and Niki Walker.
Penguins. (Crabapples Series). Crabtree, 1995. (1.3).

Great moments in Canadian baseball. Lester, 1995. (1.1).

KENNA, Kathleen.
A people apart. (A Nick Harris Book). Photographs by Andrew Stawicki. Sommerville House, 1995. (1.4).

Pay dirt! The search for gold in British Columbia. Illustrated by Stuart Duncan. Orca, 1995. (1.1).

Caves. (Wonders of our World series). Crabtree, 1996. (1.4)
Mountains. (Wonders of our World series). (1.4).
Oceans. (Wonder of our World series). (1.4).
Deserts. (Wonder of our World series). (1.4).
Volcanoes. (Wonder of our World series). (1.4).

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson: An introduction. Firefly, 1995. (1.2).

NICOLSON, Cynthia Pratt.
The Earth. Illustrated by Bill Slavin. Kids Can, 1996. (1.6).

NOLAN, Helen.
How much, how many, how far, how heavy, how long, how tall is 1000? Illustrated by Tracy Walker. Kids Can, 1995. (1.3).

OWENS, Ann-Maureen and Jane Yealland.
Forts of Canada. Illustrated by Don Kilby. Kids Can, 1996. (1.6).

RICHARDSON, Pat and Daiyo Sawada.
Mathworlds: Detective agency. Reidmore, 1995. (1.2).

RIPLEY, Catherine.
Do the doors open by magic? And other supermarket questions. Illustrated by Scot Richie. Owl, 1995. (1.2).
Why is soap so slippery? And other bathtime questions. Illustrated by Scot Richie. Owl, 1995. (1.2).

ROSS, Catherine Sheldrick.
Squares, shapes in math, science and nature. Illustrated by Bill Slavin. Kids Can, 1996. (1.6).

Buffalo sunrise: The story of a North American giant. Whitecap, 1995. (1.4).
Sky dancers: The amazing world of Canadian birds. Illustrated by Douglas Penhale. Whitecap, 1995. (1.).
The day of the twelve-story wave: Grinding glaciers, howling hurricanes, spewing volcanoes and other awesome forces of nature. Illustrated by Laura Cook. Whitecap, 1995. (1.2).

Canada. (Country fact files series). Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1996. (1.4).

TANAKA, Shelley.
On board the Titanic. Paintings by Ken Marschall. Scholastic, 1996. (1.6).

VOS, Curtis.
Klondike ho!: A cartoon history. Illustrated by Curtis Vos. Lost Moose, 1994. (1.5).

WAKEN, Naomi.
Telling tales on the rim: Folktales from around the Pacific Rim. Pacific-Rim Publishers, 1995. (1.1).

This list originally appeared in Resource Links Volume 1, Number 6 (August 1996). The number in parentheses after each citation indicates the issue in which the title was reviewed.

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