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Resource Links' reviewers and review coordinators have selected these titles as "The Best" we've seen during our first year of publication.


AHMAD, Nyla.
CyberSurfer. Illustrated by Martha Newbigging. Owl, 1996. (1.5).

Canoe: Canadian online explorer.
Toronto Sun and Rogers Multi-Media. (1.5).

CARROLL, Jim and Rick Broadhead.
1996 Canadian Internet directory. Prentice Hall, 1996. (1.3).
1996 Canadian Internet handbook. Prentice Hall, 1996. (1.3).

John Hofsess, The Right to Die Society of Canada. (1.4).

David K. Brown's Children's literature web guide.
(URL: (1.1).

Joseph Wu's Origami Page.
(URL: (1.3).

HEIDE, Ann and Linda Stillborne.
The teacher's complete & easy guide to the Internet. Trifolium, 1996. (1.6).

Heritage post interactive.
Published by ExCITE for The CRB heritage project. (1.1).

Le coq sportif: Guide to hockey.
(URL: (1.5).

NewsWave Canada.
Dalia Naujokaitis and students of St. Elizabeth School, Ottawa. (1.4).

Produced by Starry Messenger Communications. (1.2).

Southam New Media. (1.3).

Street Cents interactive
Operated by Cochrane Interactive Incorporated. (1.1).

The Royal Tyrrell museum of paleontology.
Prepared by Wayne Hortensius, Calgary, for the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society. (1.2).

The writers in electronic residence program.
York University Faculty of Education. (1.4).

Confused? A Kid's guide to the Internet's World Wide Web.
Farfan, 1995. (1.3).

YES Mag: Canada's science magazine for kids.
(URL: (1.4).

This list originally appeared in Resource Links Volume 1, Number 6 (August 1996). The number in parentheses after each citation indicates the issue in which the title was reviewed.

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