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Resource Links' reviewers and review coordinators have selected these titles as "The Best" we've seen during our first year of publication.


Broken promises: The high Arctic relocation. Directed by Patricia V. Tassinari. Produced by George Hargrave and Barrie Howells. National Film Board, 1995. (1.3).

Baby bu$iness. National Film Board of Canada and Les Productions du Rapide-Blance. In association with TVOntrio, 1995. (1.4).

Biggest little ticket. Produced and directed by Robert Lang and Bay Weyman. Kensington, 1994. Distributed by Magic Lantern. (1.3).

Canada's Maple tree: The story of the country's emblem. DeBeck Educational Video, 1995. (1.5).

Children of Jerusalem. Produced by Beverly Shaffer. National Film Board, 1994. (1.3).

Christie and Rosie. (W5 series). Magic Lantern, 1995. (1.5).

Duncan Campbell Scott: The Poet and the Indians. National Film Board of Canada, 1995. (1.2).

Enigmatico: The lives and work of Canadian artists of Italian origin. Produced by Patricia Fogliato and David Morton. National Film Board, 1995. (1.3).

Freedom had a price. Produced by La Maison de Montage Luhovy, 1994. National Film Board. (1.3).

The Group of Seven: Art for a nation. Sound Venture Productions in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada, 1995. (1.5).

Harvest of age: Something left to do; Elders of the Sto-lo Nation.
Harvest of age: Pulling together; Community Doukhobor elders.
Harvest of age: My memories are here; Italian elders of Trail. Pastiche Productions & Spindlekin Productions, 1995. (1.6).

Hearts of hate: The battle for young minds. Produced and directed by Peter Raymont. Investigative Productions, 1994. (1.2).

Keepers of the fire. Written and directed by: Christine Wels. Omni Film with the National Film Board, 1994. (1.2).

Keyeye: Making kids safe. Produced by Kent Gravell and Robin Webb. Keyeye, 1996. (1.6).

Lacrosse: The creator's game. (The Canadian Collection). Produced by Calbeck Research, 1994. (1.3)

Laxweas wa: Strength of the River. National Film Board. A Nimpkish Wind Production, 1995. (1.5).

Making ballet. Magic Lantern, 1994. (1.5).

Multiculturalism. (W5 Series). Produced by CTV, 1995. (1.3).

Race to freedom: The underground railroad. Produced and directed by Daphne Ballan, Brian Parker, Don McBrearty. (1.3).

Rough crossing. Starry Night Productions, NFB. 1995. (1.4).

The sandbox. National Film Board, 1995. (1.6).

Silence and storm: Voices from kids in crisis. National Film Board, 1995. (1.5).

Towards 2000: 2000+. CTV Production, 1995. (1.2).

Trawna tuh Belvul. National Film Board, 1994. (1.5).

Trial at Fortitude Bay. Magic Lantern, 1994. (1.4).

Understanding the Internet. Written and narrated by Robert Duncan. Andrew Cochran & Associates, 1995. (1.2).

The washing of tears. Directed by Hugh Brody. Nootka Sound & Picture, 1994. National Film Board. (1.3).

This list originally appeared in Resource Links Volume 1, Number 6 (August 1996). The number in parentheses after each citation indicates the issue in which the title was reviewed.

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