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Resource Links' reviewers and review coordinators have selected these titles as "The Best" we've seen during our first year of publication.


English express. ACT Laboratory, 1995. (1.5).

Franklin's reading world. Sanctuary, 1995. (1.6).

From mountain to plain: Alberta's regions and resources: A multimedia tour of Alberta. Reidmore, 1996. (1.6)

Know your birds of prey. Birds of prey -- Volume 2: Vultures to falcons. Axia Iterntional, 1994. (1.4).

CAMPBELL, Wayne, senior editor.
Know your common bird songs. Axia International, 1994. (1.2).

Know your waterfowl: The swans, geese and ducks of North America. (Axia Wildlife Series). Axia International, 1994. (1.3).

The 1996 Canadian encyclopedia plus. McClelland & Stewart. CD-ROM. (1.2).

The digital frog: Dissection, anatomy and ecology. Digital Frog International, 1995. (1.5).

The wetlands: The digital field trip to the wetlands. Digital Frog International, March 1996. (1.6).

This list originally appeared in Resource Links Volume 1, Number 6 (August 1996). The number in parentheses after each citation indicates the issue in which the title was reviewed.

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Monday, September 23, 1996
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