Children's Literature - Resources for Storytellers

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[***] indicates an Internet resource that in my opinion is particularly valuable.
Story Resources available on the Web[***]
A good Web site that brings together many links to online stories and storytelling resources.

Jim Maroon's Storytelling and Puppetry Pages[***]
Another great source for folklore and storytelling information.

Folklore, Myth and Legend
My own collection of links to folklore sources.

A Usenet news group for storytellers.

Information on subscribing to the e-mail discussion group STORYTELL

Library Storytime Resources
Compiled by Carolyn Klatt, Children's Services Consultant, Utah State Library Division.

StoryWeb, Mike T. Mullen
Stories, and tips for storytelling.

Information about TOTSNIIC (Tellers of Traditional Stories Not Interested In Copyright), a new organization.

Puppetry Resources:
Puppet Scripts from the PUBYAC Mailing List Archive
The Newsgroup rec.arts.puppetry
The Puppetry Home Page
Stage Hand Puppets, Activity Page (Puppetry activities mostly for kids)

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July 6, 1996
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