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[***] indicates an Internet resource that in my opinion is particularly valuable.

An exciting resource page specifically for children's book writers.

Associations for Writers
This page from the Inkspot site lists associations that will be of interest to children's book writers. A page of Publications for Writers is also available.

Children's Writing Resource Center
Advice for writers and illustrators from the publishers of the magazine Children's Book Insider

Children's Writing Discussion List
An e-mail discussion list for writers and illustrators, established by the magazine Children's Book Insider, and open to anyone interested in writing or drawing for kids.

[***]The Purple Crayon
Harold Underdown's site is essential for anyone interested in the business side of writing and editing children's books. Features articles for the beginning writer, interviews with writers and editors, information about the US publishing industry and more.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
A professional organization for both new and experienced writers and illustrators.

Misc.Writing Home Page
Brings together a great deal of information that will be useful to writers and prospective writers. The lists and advice here had their start as contributions to the newsgroup misc.writing.

WritersNet: The Internet Directory of Published Writers
Contact information for a wide variety of writers.

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