Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Calgary
Office: ICT 535
Phone: (403) 220-8129
Research Interests

My research interests are in the general area of performance evaluation of software systems. Specific topics that I am currently interested in include the following:
Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing graduate research in these areas.  Undergraduate students are also encouraged to discuss project options with me.

Research Grants (selected)

NSERC Discovery Grant (2005- 2018)
NSERC Research Tools and Equipment Grant (2005)
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Labs Grant (2008-2009)
NSERC CRD Grant (with HP) (2010-2012)
Hewlett-Packard Labs Grant (2011-2012)
Huawei Canada Grant (2017-2018)
NSERC CRD Grant (with Huawei) (2017-2018)

Selected Professional Activities

TPC co-chair, International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE), 2012
TPC member, ACM SIGMETRICS/IFIP Performance, 2012, 2019
Conferences chair, IEEE CS Special Technical Committee on Sustainable Computing, 2011-2015
Member, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Industrial Research Chairs (IRC) Program Site Visit Committee, 2011
TPC member, ACM SIGMETRICS GREENMETRICS Workshop, (2010-2016)

Current Graduate Students

Sarah Shah (PhD student) - "TBD" (co-supervised by Dr. Yasaman Amannejad, MRU)

Ali Shahidi (MSc student) - "TBD" (co-supervised by Dr. Mea Wang)

Ahmadreza Nazari (MSc student) - "TBD"

Asif Mehmuda (MSc student) - "TBD" (co-supervisor, Supervised by Dr. Mea Wang)

Navid Akbari (MSc student) - "TBD" (co-supervisor, Supervised by Dr. Mea Wang)

Sonali Keshava (MSc student) - "TBD" (co-supervisor, Supervised by Dr. Mea Wang)

Quinn Cooper (MSc student) - "TBD" (co-supervised by Dr. Yasaman Amannejad, MRU)

Mahsa Malek (MSc student) - "TBD"

Completed Graduate Students

Mahnaz Shams (M Sc) -  "Model-Driven Performance Testing of Web Applications" (co-supervised by Dr. B. H. Far)

Min Xu (M Sc) - "A Technique for Predicting the Performance of Session-Based Systems with Bursty Request Arrivals" (joint work with HP Labs)

Mehrnoush Alemzadeh (M Sc) - (co-supervised by Dr. M. Moussavi) - "A Toolset to Aid MOAB Scheduler Configuration"

Deepti Williams (MSc) - "Performance Evaluation of Temporal RDF Mechanisms" (joint work with the Grid Research Centre)

Amir Kalbasi (MSc) - "Resource Demand Modeling for Multi-Tier Services" (joint work with HP Labs and SAP)

Raoufeh Hashemian (MSc) - "Revisiting Web Server Performance and Scalability" (joint work with HP Labs)

Samira Musabbir (MSc) - "Runtime Performance Management of Multi-Tier Systems under Simultaneous Multithreading" (joint work with Imperial College, London, UK)

Joydeep Mukherjee (MSc) - "Detecting Resource Contention in Virtualized Systems" (joint work with HP Labs)

Anas Youssef (PhD) - "A Burstiness and Uncertainty Aware Service Level Planning Framework for Enterprise Clouds"

Charan Kaur (MSc) - (co-supervised by Dr. Behrouz Far) - "Historical Vehicle Traffic Analysis and Commute Time Prediction using Web Mining"

Abiola Adegboyega (PhD) - (co-supervised by Dr. Behrouz Far) - "Forecasing and Scalable Resource Provisioning in Cloud Networks"

Amir Kalbasi (PhD) - (joint work with HP Labs) - "A Framework for Improving Systems Performance by Minimizing Burstiness "

Yasaman Amannejad (PhD) - "Performance Management of Web Services using Machine Learning Techniques" (co-supervisor, supervised by Dr. Behrouz Far)

Joydeep Mukherjee (PhD) - "Subscriber-Oriented Interference Detection and Mitigation System for Cloud-Based Web Services"

Sajad Sameti (MSc) - "Distributed Video Transcoding for Live and Interactive Multimedia Applications" (co-supervised by Dr. Mea Wang)

Raoufeh Hashemian (PhD) - "Investigations into the Performance and Scalability of Software Systems" (co-supervised by Martin Arlitt, Micro Focus)

Sarah Shah (MSc) - "Performance Modeling for Spark Applications" (co-supervised by Dr. Yasaman Amannejad, MRU)

Vahid Mostofi (MSc) - "Auto-Scaling Containerized Microservices" (co-supervised by Martin Arlitt, Micro Focus)

Navid Alipour (MSc) - "Oasis+: Performance Matching IoT Emulation" (co-supervisor, supervised by Dr. Mea Wang)

Undergraduate Students

Maris Kannan Sekar - "Development of a Model-Based Cluster Information Service"