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Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Home Page

Design Suggestions and Hints

Six Steps to Building a Website

'Fancy Stuff' and Copyright

Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Home Page

Six Steps to Building a Website

Step 1 - Begin with a Good Idea.

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is it that you want to tell people with your words and pictures?
  • With whom do you want to share information?

Step 2 - Design Your Page.

  • Figure out what your page will look like.
  • Decide where to put the pictures, the text and the titles.
  • Check other home pages for ideas.

Step 3 - Prepare The Pieces.

  • Prepare the pieces by writing the text, drawing the pictures, finding the images or scanning the images into your computer.
  • Keep it simple, and make it look good.

Step 4 - Build Your Page.

  • Import the pieces, set their sizes and colours, move them around your home page until you see what you like and the page is built to do what you want it to do.

Step 5 - Test your Page.

  • Using Netscape or Explorer, open the pages you just made with the HTML editor to see how they look.
  • Your pages must be tested carefully because different web browsers or computer types can make the pages look different.

Step 6 - Publish The Site.

  • Publish your page, on the your personal service provider, school intranet or district server.

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Web Design Suggestions and Hints

There are several guides to Web Style which you might look at for ideas.

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'Fancy Stuff' and Copyright

Home Page has many good backgrounds, icons and graphics, but listed below are some other good links to get 'fancy stuff' for your web.

  • These sites have images which you may use for no charge, but check copyright information.
  • Below I've included an example of what most web image creators expect in return for using their images.


    ALL graphics here, except what I have made, were taken from large graphics sites on the internet. While these have been taken in good faith to be in public domain, it's impossible to determine whether the site from which they were downloaded was itself not displaying a copyright and was also unaware of one. I would never take and display someone else's copyrighted graphic. If you choose to use a graphic and it is copyrighted and I am unaware of it, this is your problem not mine. If any graphic here is copyrighted, and I am unaware of it please inform me and it will be removed. Thanks.

    Important Copyright Notice

    Use of the graphics in The Graphic Gallery means you have read and agree to the following copyright: All graphics in the Graphics Gallery were made by me. These images in the Graphics Gallery are NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN. These graphics are Copyright © JPayne 1997. All rights reserved. You may use a them free of charge in the making of your personal Web page all I ask in return is a reference and link to the The Graphic Station on the URL in which they appear. You may not redistribute (offer them for free from your homepage or graphics site,) sell the graphics on any media, alter, or use them on a commercial site. Background used in The Graphics Station is copyrighted and is not for distribution. If you would like to use these graphics for commercial,business, or making of Web pages for profit (to include homepages) you will need to write me to get my prior written permission. If you have any questions on this copyright please e-mail me. There are no authorised mirror sites of The Graphic Station." (The Graphic Station, 1997).

  • Cooltext.com and FlamingText.com - are sites where you can make customized banners, buttons and animations.
  • Barry's Clip Art Server - includes a large clip art collection with animated gifs.
  • Pam Bytes - is a very good collection of banners, icons, coordinated graphics, bordered backgrounds and Halloween graphics.
  • The Graphic Station - is a very good collection of icons, bars, lines, graphics and animations.
  • The Mining Company - another very large collection of clip art.

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