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Computer Operating System of Choice: Macintosh, of course!

Michele's good ole' G3

       I first fell in love with a little Mac SE - it was so cute! I wrote my MSc. thesis on it, and installed a First Class server, and was never the same again...thank goodness!! I have reconciled myself to being typecast as a Mac-only user. Moof!!! There are worse things in life, I suppose, such as buying Windoze OS, spending 18 hours installing and tweeking it to work with my current applications, only to find that I have to wipe my harddrive afterall to get the darn thing to run properly. Duh. My students think I should negotiate a contract with Apple Canada, to get a kickback for every machine that I convince them to buy. Well, says I, what better advertising for a product than a 1-800 help line that is never busy, and out-of-the box, plug in and play performance? As a consumer, I would rather buy from a company (read: APPLE) that sends me a 1-800 number I never need, rather than support a company (read: MICROSOFT) that offers me a 1-900 number that is always busy. Besides, Apple has cooler t-shirts.... :-) And they were the first with Flavours - Blueberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Lime, and Grape. And Blueberry andTangerine iBooks. Beige is out, so is Black - even household appliances have moved on to stainless....

        For those Win-Folks: I have had to teach using PCs running Windows and MSOffice for years, and have worked in an elementary schools that use Windows NT servers, WinOS, and Office, and have to work all day in computer science on a Windows NT workstation. I have to admit that Windows can be a happening OS, and I have really enjoyed the flexibility of Office applications and Microsoft Explorer (and still prefer Netscape, though Firefox IS cool...). I have also learned a great deal about how fragile and crash-prone Windows and PCs are....  Thus, it would be very hard for me to give up my Mac.  I will ALWAYS shake my head at how poorly designed Microsoft and other PC-based products can be (as do most usability folks in computer science and related fields - see, also, my infatuation with Don Norman). Why do people still buy them?!? Why do people continue to design them so poorly??


Cool Macintosh Software

I use MacBreakZ! from

Ergonomic assistance for the computer athlete! A personal ergonomic assistant which monitors your keyboard and mouse activity and helps you structure your computer use in a healthy manner, which may prevent computer-related injuries from developing.
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This is my favorite magazine and website about the Macintosh. There is energy and color and fun and a different type of thinking at this site, unlike the mainly beige and boring and conventional sites of other platforms. 
Mac versus Wintel Information
When it comes to the Mac, most PC users don't know Jack!! Link to this site for Mac Facts about speed, installed user base, web statistics, multimedia capability, and other neat stuff about our favorite operating system.
"To see tomorrow's PC, Look at todays Macintosh." -BYTE October 1995
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** Features **
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And, on my birthday,
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