Dr. Michele Jacobsen

Research & Knowledge Mobilization

Michele Jacobsen is Vice Dean, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. As a Full Professor in the Learning Sciences and Educational Technology, Michele studies technology-enabled learning and teaching in k-12 and post-secondary education learning environments using case study, action research and design-based approaches to research. Michele examines and creates innovative designs for learning that shift instruction from standardized delivery and testing to participatory pedagogies in technology enabled learning environments that sponsor knowledge building, intellectual engagement and assessment for learning. Michele is also involved in interdisciplinary research on peer mentoring for strong transitions to graduate school, and complex adaptive learning systems in high schools. Michele also studies research ethics, especially the ongoing development of policy and guidelines to inform Internet research methodology

Funded Research

Brown, McDermott, Simmons, Eaton & Jacobsen, 2018 - 2020. "Improving Student Research Activities in Online Course-Based Masters Programs in Education". UCalgary Teaching and Learning Collaborative Grant.
Lorenzetti, Paolucci, Lorenzetti, Clancy, Jacobsen, Calvert & Nowell, 2016 - 2018. "An exploration of peer mentorship in graduate education". UCalgary Teaching and Learning Grant.
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Jacobsen & Davis, 2011-2012. "Investigation of the Use of Clickers to Engage, Monitor and Challenge the Thinking of Student Teachers". SMART Technology.
Jacobsen & Friesen, 2010 - 2013. "Teaching and Learning in a Discipline Based Inquiry One-to-One Mobile Computing Environment".
Varnhagen, Daniels, Jacobsen & Friesen, 2008 - 2010. "Technology and High School Success". Alberta Education.
Friesen & Jacobsen, 2007 - 2011. "Teaching and Learning in a One-to-One Mobile Computing Environment"
University of Calgary Online Technology Survey

Software Engineering - An Examination of Distance Learning Environments

Master of Teaching Program - Technology Integration for Teaching and Learning
Doctoral Research
  • Characteristics and Adoption Patterns of Faculty Who Integrate Technology into Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 
  • Web-based Educational and Psychological Survey Research Methodology
Previous Lectures:

Selected Online Publications | Recent Papers/Reports, Conferences:

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