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Study Skills and Testwiseness

Commercial Sites Where You Can Buy Stuff

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Although I tend to collect books and resources on Study Skills and Testwiseness, a student can find loads of useful and valuable information for FREE by accessing the websites listed above. However, for those folks with money burning a hole in their pocket, here are a few good sites where you can add to your book collection.

    SMART STUDYING - Study Skills for Students

    This commercial site advertises the "Smart Studying" product, a four part audio tape program which relays study tips in a clear, concise way.>Study Skills For Kids

    For $14.95 US, parents can buy this "frank, honest, easy-to-follow" book to help their kids develop the skills they need for academic excellence. Perfect for 4th through 12th graders.

    Smart Learning: Study Skills for Teens

    This commercial site offers the book, Smart Learning, which helps students learn to learn by offering the tools they need for academic success. Includes note-making techniques, test-taking strategies, guidelines for successful writing projects, time management skills, as well as valuable decision-making and goal-setting techniques.

    Study Skills for Life and Learning How to Learn

    This commercial site by Bridge Publications, Inc., provides information on how to order their book for teenagers about strategies for school success.

    Help Students Improve Their Study Skills

    This commercial site by American Guidance Service lists purchasing information for many workbooks and resources on improving study skills for students age 12 to adult.
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