Emma, Rosa and Emily Prince

The mansion of Calgary industrialist Peter Prince now stands in Calgary's Heritage Park and is a major tourist attraction. Prince managed the Eau Claire Lumber company, formed the Calgary Water and Power Company (which was Calgary's sole source of electricity until 1906) and owned several other businesses in Calgary at the end of the 19th century.

Prince outlived 3 of his four wives; Marguerite died of diabetes in 1898 and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Emma died of TB in 1902, Rosa died in 1907 of cancer. Princeís fourth wife, Emily, outlived her husband and died in 1944. Emily is buried in the family plot with Emma and Rosa but her name is not listed on the monument. Peter Prince rests with Marguerite in St. Mary's Cemetery (see below)

If you talk to the staff of Heritage Park "off the record", they will tell you that the old Prince House is haunted. After going through this many mistresses, I think it would be surprising if it wasn't.


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