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Passages Paths, Soundplay1, Soundplay2, Passages and Scenes, Reflection and Memory, light blue records 1001, 2010. CD and 5.1 DVD

Electrospectives, Ensemble Resonance, Lü - Dream of Light for bass clarinet and soundfile, Stan Climie, bass clarinet, Hexagon Studio / New Works Calgary,2010

Rubbing Stone Jeremy Brown saxophones, Ami Longhi piano, Rod Squance percussion, Intonare II for saxophone, percussion and piano, Centrediscs CMCCD 14909.

Rollin’ down #1, Land’s End Chamber Music Ensemble, SoundPlay1, David Eagle, computer Dark Matter Productions DMP-0182 (2005).

In the Company of My Soul Jeremy Brown, saxophone & Charles Foreman, piano, Intonare, Arktos Recordings Ltd., ARKTOS 200366

living music 2001 musique vivante 2001, University of Calgary Orchestra, Precipice, Canadian Music Centre Distribution Service, 2001, CMCDS-S2

Sundogs, University of Calgary Orchestra,Precipice for Orchestra, UNICAL, UC CD9901.

the door in the wall...instruments d'illusion, vivie vinçent,Toccare for harpsichord, isidorart, Montreal,1998.

Brief confessions brèves, St. Crispin's Chamber Ensemble, Nohocki for flute and piano, Clef Records, 1997, CR 97002-2.

Polaris, Colleen Athparia, piano Polaris for piano & tape, UNICAL Records, 1996, UC-CD9601.

soundland alberta le pays sonore, Music for aXiO, Clef Records, 1996, CR 96001-2 D.Eagle, aXiO.

emotion, David Eagle & Hope Lee, Acoustic/Electroacoustic Works, New Concert Discs,1994, NCD0294: Solitudes for Disklavier piano - D.Eagle MIDI controller; Traces for flute & computer, D.Eagle flute.

DISCONTACT 6.2 CD, 1992- A compilation of recent Electroacoustic works by CEC members: Hsuan for guzheng & tape [excerpt]..