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Alberta Telemetered Seismograph Network

The Alberta telemetered seismograph network (ATSN) is part of the Laboratory for Passive Seismic Imaging of Earth Processes , directed by David Eaton at the University of Calgary. It will ultimately consist of 9 broadband seismic stations installed in southern and northern parts of Alberta, five of which are presently installed. The project is closely linked to the CRANE network at the University of Alberta and the Geohazards program at the Alberta Geological Survey. It is also part of the national POLARIS project and linked to the Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN), operated by Earthquakes Canada .

Red symbols on the map (right) show locations of ATSN stations. Larger symbols show stations installed in 2009. Purple and yellow symbols indicate CRANE and CNSN stations, respectively. Click on the image for a larger view.

Click here to view a youtube video about the project.

The ATSN has two main purposes:

  • To enable studies of the lithosphere beneath Alberta using recordings of large earthquakes at teleseismic distance (> 3000 km).
  • To characterize regional seismicity for improved seismic hazard studies in the province.


Page updated: 2010/08/03