Name                   Meaning                Subdivisions           Contents               Comments               
Gospels                "Good News"            A. Synoptic Gospels:   Life of Jesus,         "Synoptic              
                                              a) Mark   b) Luke      emphasizing his last   problem"--Reltionship  
                                              c) Matthew             days. *Probably        s between sources:     
                                                                     earliest. Simple       Mark and "Q" (common   
                                                                     telling of story.      source used by Luke    
                                                                     *Written for Roman     and Matthew)           
                                                                     or non-Jewish                                 
                                                                     audience, emphasis                            
                                                                     on universalism.                              
                                                                     *Cites Old Testament                          
                                                                     to prove that Jesus                           
                                                                     was promised                                  
                                                                     Messiah. Theological                          
                                                                     tract built on                                
                                                                     Theological tract                             
                                                                     built on                                      
Acts of the Apostles   "Apostles" =           Originally part of     History of Church                             
                       Messengers             Gospel of Luke         after Jesus, mission                          
                                                                     of Paul                                       
Epistles               Letters                Usually identified     Letters of Paul and    Paul's letters         
                                              by names of            early Church leaders   contain earliest       
                                              recipients             on matters of belief   references to Jesus    
                                                                     and communal guidance  (c. 60 c.e.)           
Revelation             Originally:                                   Catastrophic           Reflects background    
                       "Apocalypse" (hidden                          judgment in store      of persecution         
                       mystery, teaching)                            for wicked                                    
                       of John                                                                                     

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