The Life of Jesus of Nazereth:

Main Events

Born: Around 6 B.C.E., Bethlehem (Matth.) or Nazereth, to Joseph and Virgin Mary.

Background: Palestine under Roman Occupation. Galilee removed from Jerusalem centre, more nationalistic.

Youth: Carpenter (upper middle-class), distinguished as scholar.

Encounter with John the Baptist.

Early Ministry: Wandering through Galilee--

Preaching: In aphorisms, debates, parables (Why?):

Announcing the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Miracles: Healings, exorcisms, producing bread and oil.

Often in company of criminals and traitors.

Chooses Twelve Disciples (Apostles) to spread teaching.

Later Ministry: In Jerusalem (Why?), for very short time.

Accepted by many as the Messiah. Considered blasphemous (?) by Jewish authorities.

Friction with Jewish leadership. Debates with Saducees and Pharisees. Chases money-changers from Temple.

Final days: "Last Supper," betrayal.

Accused by Sanhedrin of

a) threatening the destruction of Temple.

b) claiming to be the Messiah.

Tried by Roman procurator Pontius Pilate for treason ("King of the Jews").

Crucifixion: Calvary (Jerusalem), 28-33 C.E.

Resurrection: Empty tomb.

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