Malkhuyot Zikhronot Shofarot
Malkhuyot, Zikhronot, Shofarot

Uncle Eli

Malkhuyot: God is King
God is King

On Rosh Hashanah
we proclaim as our King
the one God who made
every person and thing.

We hope for the day
when all peoples and nations
will all join together
in true veneration.

Yes, God is our king
who rules all his creatures.
He's even more awesome
than Miriam, my teacher.

Zikhronot: God remembers
God Remembers

God can remember
our wants and our needs.
He also recalls
all our acts and our deeds.

He records every fact.
From the truth he won't budge.
Still, we trust he'll be kind
when his children are judged.

Some things that I've done
I prefer he'd forget.
I don't think I'm ready
to be judged quite yet.

The Sound of the Shofar

As the great shofar sounded
the earth and sky shook,
when God gave the Torah,
our holiest book.

Just like at Sinai,
we'll hear shofar blasts
when we all gather back
in our homeland at last.

I'm trying to blow it.
I've puffed till I'm blue.
But a meek little squeak
is the most I can do.

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