Kol Nidre
Kol Nidré

Uncle Eli
My friend Thomas
is so upright and honest
that all year long
he never breaks a promise.

Not everyone's so good
at doing what they've spoken.
Many vows and promises
get overlooked or broken.


Let all of our pledges,
our oaths and our vows,

the promises
that get neglected somehow,

commitments we make
without serious thought.

words that we uttered
and later forgot--

Let them all be abolished,
deleted, erased,
canceled and vanished
without any trace.
May they all be considered
as totally dead,
extinct, non-existent,
and never-been-said,
gulped-down and gobbled
by hungry piranhas
plunged in a pit
in remote Indiana,
renounced and relinquished,
abandoned, undone.

And may God grant forgiveness
to everyone.

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