Ki Hinneh Ka-Homer

Uncle Eli

We Are Like Clay

We are like clay
in the hands of the potter
who pats it and shapes it
and adds some more water.
She molds it and paints it
and gives it its glaze;
then hardens it all
in the kiln's fiery blaze.

We hope that not every small flaw.
really matters.
Don't judge us too harshly.
Don't let the pot shatter.

Like dough in the hands
of a skilled pizza-baker,
so are we all
in the hands of our Maker.
He kneads it and twirls it,
and sprinkles some cheese,
and spices, and sauce
and perhaps anchovies.

Though small is the number
of merits we've earned,
please judge us with mercy.
The crust could get burned.

Like the strings of a rock band's
electric guitars,
as they belt out their music
--that's how we all are.
We're strummed or we're plucked,
or played softly with soul.
Or turn up the volume
for real rock 'n roll.

We ask that you hear us
Don't pull out the plug
if we're slightly off-key.

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