Basic Beliefs of the Qur'an

See Surah 4:135:
O you who believe, believe in

Whosoever denies

has strayed from the Truth.

God-- "Allah"

As in Judaism and Christianity: Creator of the world, omnipotent, omniscient, judge, merciful.
Contrast with the insignificance of Mankind.
Implies rejection of paganism and idols.
Sin of Shirk (=ascribing divinity to creatures).
Hence Jesus was not divine.
Attitude of awe and adoration.
Contrast between God's power and Man's responsibility.
See Surah 2:256:


There is no god but he, the Living, the Selfsubsistent!
Slumber seizes him not, neither sleep.
To him belongs whatever is in the Heavens and whatsoever is in the Earth.
Who is there that shall intercede with Him except by His will?
He knows what is present with men and what shall befall them, nothing of His knowledge do they comprehend, save what He wills.
His throne is as high as the Heavens and the Earth, and the keeping of them wearies Him not.
And He is High, the Mighty One.


As in Judaism and Christianity: Messengers of God, glorifying God.
Gabriel is especially important as revealer of the Qur'an, association with Jesus ("Holy Spirit").
Jinns, supernatural creatures from Arab tradition.
created out of fire, can be both good and evil.
Shaitan (or Iblis): Fallen angel, like Christian Satan.

Muhammad the final prophet

Muhammad is believed to be the "seal of the prophets" through whom God has sent down the final, perfect revelation.

Though admired for his wisdom and virtue, it is emphasized that Muhammad was only a human, not a supernatural being.

The Qur'an

Believed to have been revealed directly, word for word in Arabic, to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. Its contents originate entirely from God, having no human component.

Proper recitation and memorization of the Qur'an are a religious duties

Belief in Earlier Prophets and Scriptures

Acceptance of prophets of Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Arab tradition (Jesus was a prophet).
Mention of Torah, Psalms, Gospels (Injil).
The Qur'an confirms the earlier revelations and completes them. The earlier scriptures foretold Islam but were perverted by the other religious communities.

The Day of Judgment

Punishment for sinners (Hellfire etc.), sensuous paradise (gardens, beautiful maidens) for righteous.

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