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Readings for RELS 367-Interpreting Scriptures

  1. Book of Jubilees Chapter 6
  2. Pesher Habakuk
  3. H. Caplan: "The Four Senses of Scriptural Interpretation"
  4. Thomas Aquinas on Galatians
  5. A. Van der Heide: "Pardes—Methodological Reflections"
  6. G. Böwering: "The Scriptural Senses in Medieval Sufi Qur'an Exegesis"
  7. E. Alfonso:"Late Medieval Readings of the Strange Woman in Proverbs"
  8. Jewish Commentaries to Numbers 22
  9. E. Corran: "Hiding the truth: exegetical discussions of Abraham's lie from Hugh of St. Victor to Stephen Langton"
  10. Al-Tabari: Tafsir
  11. N. Caputo: "Sons of God, Daughters of Man"
  12. Y. Yisraeli: "A Christianized Sephardic Critique of Rashi's Pesha? in Pablo de Santa María's Additiones ad Postillam Nicolai de Lyra"
  13. Midrash Leviticus Rabbah: "Great is peace"
  14. Philo of Alexandria: On the Creation
  15. Clement of Alexandria: Who Is the Rich Man?
  16. M. Wurmser: "The Garden of Eden and the Origins of the West"
  17. S. Strousma: "The Father of Many Nations—Abraham in al-Andalus"
  18. E. Cousins: "The Fourfold Sense of Scripture in Christian Mysticism"
  19. The Spiritual Canticle of St. John of the Cross
  20. Readings from the Zohar
  21. Tafsir al-Kashani
  22. W. Saleh: "Al-Biqa'i Seen through Reuchlin: Reflections on the Islamic Relationship with the Bible"
  23. T. Burman: "Two Dominicans, a Lost Manuscript, and Medieval Christian Thought on Islam"
  24. Á. Sáenz-Badillos: "Jewish and Christian Interpretations in Arragel's Biblical Glosses"