Eliezer Segal\'s Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae: Eliezer Segal







  • Papers
    1. "Variant readings of TB Megillah", E. S. Rosenthal Memorial Lecture, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Feb. 1985.

    2. "The TB Megillah Esther Midrash and the Study of Babylonian Aggadah", Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, Mass., December 1987.

    3. "Case Citation, Wishful Thinking and Some Misunderstood Talmudic Terms", Association for Jewish Studies Twentieth Annual Conference, Boston, Mass., December 18, 1988, (IIC)

    4. "Derash in Spite of Peshat: Some Medieval Justifications for Creative Exegesis," Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, Mass., December 1989.

    5. "Peace or Victory? -- The Meaning of Purim in the Bible and Talmud," Canadian Society for Biblical Studies Conference on "Reading the Bible," University of Calgary, January 19, 1990.

    6. "Justice, Mercy and a Bird's Nest," Department of Religious Studies, University of Alberta, March 5, 1990.

    7. "The Zohar as Exegesis," guest lecture, University of Alberta, March 5 1990.

    8. "The Law of Retaliation," Annual Meeting of the Association for Research into Religious Studies and Theology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, May 2, 1991.

    9. "Jewish Law from Jesus to the Mishnah," one-day seminar, Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, June 25 1991.

    10. "From India to Ethiopia--From Hermeneutics to Homiletics" Lecture for the Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary, Oct. 17 1991.

    11. Click here to read the article in .PDF (Acrobat) format."Aims and Means in the Preparation of Critical Editions of Tractates from the Babylonian Talmud," Paper delivered at the Eleventh World Congress of Jewish Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 1993 [Hebrew].

    12. Respondent: Paul van Buren, "Torah, Israel, Jesus, Church--Today," Canadian Council of Christians and Jews (Alberta Region) Christian-Jewish Dialogue, Calgary, Nov. 21 1993.

    13. "The Thirteenth of Adar: Gemara, Sevara and the Meaning of Purim," Guest Lecture at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York, NY, Feb. 14, 1994.

    14. Chairperson, "Trajectories of Biblical Tradition/Trajectoires Bibliques" session, Canadian Society for Biblical Studies Annual Meeting, Calgary, June 7 1994.

    15. "The Distinctiveness of Babylonian Aggadah: Reflections on the Esther-Midrash" Paper delivered at the Canadian Society for Biblical Studies Annual Meeting, Calgary, June 7 1994.

    16. "Atonement and Ingathering: The Jewish Fall Festivals" Exhibition and Introductory Lecture, Dept. of Religious Studies "Festivals and Holy Days" series, Calgary, Oct. 11 1994.

    17. "Electronic Resources for Learning and Future Curriculum Innovation"--Showcase and Demonstration for University of Calgary "Envisioning Transformation" Week: February 14 1996.

    18. "'Associative' Organization in the Talmud: Some Reconsiderations" Invited paper delivered at the conference "A Heritage in Transition: Jewish Studies in Canada" sponsored by the Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies of Concordia University and the Centre for Jewish Studies at York University, Montreal, June 10 1996 [See above].

    19. "Issues in Rabbinic Philology" Presentation for University of Calgary Philology Research Group, January 8 1998.

    20. "Sacred Word and Sacred Text" Lecture for University of Victoria Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, February 21 1999.

    21. "Variants, Traditions and the Meaning of Prophecy" Presentation for: "Theories of the Text" an interdisciplinary workshop and panel discussion, University of Calgary Philology Research Group, March 18 1999.

    22. Faculty of Humanities Development Committee, presentation for Workshop on Web-based courses, April 19 1999.

    23. Click here to read the article in .PDF (Acrobat) format. "Towards a Definition of 'the Era of the Sages'" Presentation at the Second Annual Conference on Research in Rabbinic Thought, Beit Morasha of Jerusalem Center for Advanced Jewish Studies, Jerusalem Israel, December 5 1999.

    24. "Seventy Faces to the LXX: The Rabbinic Tradition on the Greek Translation of the Pentateuch Revisited" Jonas Greenfield Scholars" Seminar, Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, April 3 2000.

    25. "'Little Contained Much': On the Sages' Attitude towards Philosophical Discourse." Paper presented at International Conference on Jewish Thought and Foreign Cultures: "Judaism and the World-- Interaction, Influence and Impact," Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheva, Israel, May 30 2000.

    26. "From Miedzyboz to Paris: Chabad and the Writing of Hassidic History." Lecture for the University of Calgary Jewish Studies Group, March 14 2001.
    27. "Presenting and Teaching the Talmud on the Internet" presentation for: "Talmud Bavli--History of Transmission as History of Intertextuality," Workshop organized by the Kulturwissenschaftliche Forschungskolleg "Medien und kulturelle Kommunikation" of the University of Cologne, Germany, June 27-28 2001.
    28. "The Temple as a Source of Unity and Conflict (So What Else is New?)," presentation for: "History, Issues, and Ideas--Lost Worlds: Jewish Life, Roman World," workshop organized by the University of Victoria Department of Greek and Roman Studies and Division of Continuing Studies, and the Victoria Jewish Community Centre; University of Victoria, Victoria BC, November 25, 2001.
    29. "The Archaeology of Religious Customs: Ashenazic religious practice and the geographical origins of European Jewry," address for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Alberta, Calgary, January 21 2002.
    30. "From there to here, from here to there / Seuss-ifying Hebrew prayer." Faculty Colloquium "Across Cultural Boundaries" Faculty of Humanities, University of Calgary, January 23, 2001.
    31. "Alternative E-Publishing: Reality and Practice," presentation for workshop on "New Models in Academic Publishing: Dispelling the Myth" sponsored by University of Calgary Information Resources, November 12 2002.
    32. Itta and Eliezer Zeisler Memorial Lectureship, Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies, University of British Columbia, January 30 - February 1, 2003:
      1. "That LXX Show: The Alleged Rejection of the Septuagint at Yavneh" (faculty seminar), January 30, 2003.
      2. "Digital Pilgrimages: Jewish Identities on the Internet," January 31, 2003.
      3. "Disarming Pinhas: The Rabbis Deal with a Biblical Extremist" (Public Lecture at the Vancouver Jewish Community Centre: "UBC at JCC series"), February 1 2003.
    33. "A Penny in the Pushkah: The Ritualization of Ethics in Jewish Custom," paper for the University of Calgary Jewish Studies Group, January 27 2004.
    34. "Digital Discipleship: Using the Internet for the Teaching of Jewish Thought" presentation for: International Conference on "Study and knowledge in Jewish Thought," Goldstein-Goren International Center for Jewish Thought, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel, June 9, 2004.
    35. Respondent: Craig A. Evans, "Messianic Hopes & Messianic figures in Late Antiquity," sponsored by the Chair of Christian Thought, University of Calgary, November 2, 2004.
    36. "From Exegesis to Homiletics: Investigating the Aggadic Midrash in the Babylonian Talmud," Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Department of Talmud seminar series on "Research Topics in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature," March 8, 2005.
    37. "Talmudic Trajectories: Academic encounters with the Oral and Written Torahs," seminar for the Ecole Biblique, Jerusalem, March 16, 2005.
    38. "'Refined Sevenfold'-Towards a Characterization of Aggadic Midrash in the Bavli," Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, Department of Talmud Faculty Seminar, March 21, 2005.
    39. "Aristeas or Aggadah: Talmudic Legend and the Greek Bible in Palestinian Judaism," Conference on "Common Judaism Explored: Second Temple Judaism in Context," Calgary Institute for the Humanities, Calgary, May 17, 2005.

  • Reviews
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