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Religious Studies 577

Course Outline, Winter 2004

Senior Project Seminar

Schedule TBA


Eliezer Segal


SS 1302

Office Hours:

M 10:00 am - 11:00 a.m.

or by appointment





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Course Description:

This capstone course is based on an independent research project that will be prepared by each student individually in ongoing consultation with the instructor. The papers will be presented orally to the class in a seminar setting, where the participants will have an opportunity to respond to the presentations.

The topic of the research project should fall within the student's area of concentration. The stream designation of the course will be determined by the topic.

Following an organizational meeting at the beginning of the term, the class will not hold regular meetings until March, when students will begin to present their research in a seminar setting.

Core Competencies:

This is an upper-year seminar, designed to provide advanced training in the skills required for research and scholarly interaction:
The skills that will be instilled and practiced include:

Course Requirements:



Date Due

% Weight


Research proposal with bibliography
A one-page outline of the question or thesis to be examined, along with a basic bibliography of scholarly books, articles and (where appropriate) primary sources.

To be submitted by February 2



Preliminary draft of research paper
See the description of the research paper (item #4 below). This initial submission will provide an opportunity for suggestions and criticism from the instructor, and will serve as the basis for the oral presentation (item #3 below).

To be submitted by March 1



Oral Presentation of research paper to class
This presentation should be specifically adapted to a twenty-minute oral presentation, to be followed by questions and discussion. It should provide a summary of the full paper, or focus on a portion of its content. Presenters are encouraged to utilize visual aids (e.g., hand-outs, PowerPoint©), and to make their presentations understandable to non-specialists. The presenters will be graded on their ability to handle questions and comments from the other participants.

To be scheduled individually



Final written submission of research paper
The essays should be about 4000-5000 words (15-20 pages), dealing with a defined scholarly question. The paper should demonstrate appropriate research skills, including the abilities to collect information, to exercise critical judgment, and to present the arguments in a clear and organized manner.

April 16

45 %


Written responses to papers
Students are expected to submit one-page reflective or critical responses to five of the papers.


There will not be a Registrar's office scheduled final examination in this course.

Grading System:

A numerical mark will be given for each course requirement. At the conclusion of the course, a letter grade will be assigned on the following number and letter grade scheme.


100 - 96


92 - 95


88 - 91


84 - 87


80 - 83


76 - 79


72 - 75


68 - 71


64 - 67


60 - 63


56 - 59


55 or less


Students should be familiar with University regulations regarding academic integrity, as set down in the University Calendar.

Academic Accommodation

It is a student's responsibility to request academic accommodation. If you are a student with a disability who may require academic accommodation and have not registered with the Disability Resource Centre, please contact their office at 220-8237. Your academic accommodation letters should be provided to your instructor no later than fourteen (14) days after the commencement of this course. Students who have not registered with the Disability Resource Centre are not eligible for formal academic accommodation.

(DRC web address is:

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