Points for Discussion: Sanders, Judaism, Chapter Five: Common Judaism

Model of the Herod's Temple
Page 47
Definitions : "Normal"
"Common" (to whom?)
"Holy Scripture": Was there consensus about their extent or the nature of their holiness (especially Prophets and Writings)?
Page 48
"ammei ha'arez"
Synagogue = house of prayer (?) "proseuché" or "synagogue"?

Page 49
Temple and Sacrificial Worship
Normal in antiquity
Differences from standard Greek practice:

The Sheqel contribution.
Pharisaic opposition to privately endowed public offerings.
Page 50
Were all priests forbidden to work?
Religion encompassed all aspects of life
Page 51
Judaism placed limitations upon full participation in public life.
Page 52
Genealogical purity among priests (restrictions on permissible marriage partners, etc.)
Page 53
Question of sectarian opposition to Temple and sacrificial service
"Extreme allegorists"
Page 54
Sibylline Oracles
Page 57
Women in the Temple

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