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Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School?Why Didn't I Learn This in Hebrew School

by Jason Aronson Publishers

Ask Now of the Days that Are PastAsk Now of the Days that Are Past


University of Calgary Press
A Meeting-Place for the WiseA Meeting-Place for the Wise
On the Trails of TraditionOn the Trails of Tradition

Chronicles and CommentariesChronicles and Commentaries



Jewish Scholarship

  1. The Talmud Goes to College
  2. A Landmark in Jewish Scholarship
  3. Endings and Beginnings
  4. "The Shabbes Goy"
  5. The Dead Sea Dud
  6. Looking for Lilith
  7. Irrelevance
  8. The European Genizah
  9. Ask a Stupid Question...
  10. Gentlemen and Scholars
  11. He Didn't Have a Prayer
  12. Stincus, Scincus Shmincus--But Is It Kosher?
  13. Escalator to Heaven
  14. Stretching the Truth
  15. Some Footnotes to Footnote
  16. Over the Rainbow
  17. He Ain't Got No Body
  18. Non-Euclidian Theocracy
  19. Higher Education
  20. A War of Convenience
  21. I'll Take a Vowel Please
  22. I'll See You in Court
  23. Who Built the Ark? Utnapishtim!
  24. Flying out of a Rage
  25. Ladies of Letters
  26. That Was No Lady, That Was My Allegory
  27. Vital Organs

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