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Toledot Aharon


Rabbi Aaron of Pesaro


Mid-sixteenth century (he was deceased prior to the date of the first printing of the Toledot Aharon in 1583)


The name means "the generations of Aaron" (Numbers 3:1) and, following the wisespread practice of Hebrew writers, was chosen because of its allusions to the author's name.


Pesaro, Italy


The Toledot Aharon consists of brief cross-references to the places where each word or phrase in the Biblical text is cited in standard works of Jewish literature. Almost all the references are to the Babylonian Talmud (cited by Tractate name and leaf number), though other works are mentioned as well, including medieval collections like the Zohar and Rabbi Isaac Arama's philosophical commentary the 'Akedat Yitzhak.

The original Toledot Aharon was printed in one of the Venice editions of the Mikra'ot Gedolot, and subsequent printers have introduced various expansions and corrections. In particular, Rabbi Jacob Sasportas in the eighteenth century added references to the Palestinian Talmud.

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