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NetGuide Gold SiteEach generation of Jews pass down the Haggadah, a text telling the story of their liberation from Egyptian slavery. Professor Eliezer Segal, a seasoned scholar, mounts a wonderful telling of the Haggadah for young readers. Segal's Uncle Eli is a long-bearded and vivacious apparition, who helps a young boy understand his family's anticipation for the coming Seder. Uncle Eli tells the Haggadah in a light, Dr. Seuss-like manner, with loving touches sure to enthrall children and adults alike. The text is peppered throughout with hypertext terms that will help clarify the story and key concepts of the Seder for young readers. If you like what Professor Segal has done with this section, return to his home page for more about him and his work.

Judge M. G.:

Dear Uncle Eli:

I have a copy of your Special-for-Kids Most Fun Ever Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah from Internet. Reading through it has been a great joy, so I hope to give a little something in return.

Enclosed are the songs my brother and I prepared for Pesach '96. Mine is to the tune of "YMCA" (and your arms can form the Hebrew letters); his tune is noted on the sheet.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday. And thanks for sharing your wonderful Haggadah...

W. P.:

Dear Uncle Eli,

Your Haggadah is simply wonderful. It just cracks me up. Probably because it describes pretty much the way I felt as a child at Passover seders. (Or is it the way I feel as an adult?)

I notice your note about having had some nibbles from agents and publishers, but have you had any bites? If not, perhaps we should be in touch.

S. L. D.:

Shalom! As I was bragging to my father about the "guy" on the internet who made Calgary famous, he became very excited! "Oi, please send my best regards to the Professor! What a great guy!"...

With your permission, I plan to use your Hagaddah next Pesach with my students... I am a principal... and we have a Religious School Enrollment of 1,150 students. I would like to challenge the students to illustrate your Hagaddah and also to write more lyrics/poetry in your style. Would this be OK with you? It would probably mean duplicating your product for in-class exercises? Is there a fee for this? Kol Hakavod on your work; I think it's excellent! I look forward to more children's curricula....

E. S.:

I am a fan. Would you mind if I echoed your Haggaddah locally? It is not linked to anything except the personal part of my home page, http://www.physics.brocku.ca/~edik/

It is mostly for the benefit of my own kids, and if you insist I will password protect the directory. A great job! Shalom.

To whom it may concern:

The Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea, has a plan to operate an educational network, EDUNET, which eventually will connect all the schools and home to provide educational materials in free of charge. EDUNET service will start from August, 1996. All the materials on EDUNET will be used only for educational purposes and freely provided to students and teachers who need those information in Korea. As a part of this project to achieve excellence in Korean education through EDUNET, Center for Educational Multimedia R&D will collect excellent foreign instruction-learning materials on the internet which are suitable to Korean educational environment.

Since we are much impressed with your instruction-learning materials, with your permission, we would like to translate some portion of your "Uncle Eli's haggadah"...

Qualified Ph.D holders in your field will be in charge of the translation to deliver your intention without any distortion. We are not in a good financial condition to pay fees for using your homepage materials. But we will specify copyrighter's name on it and I have no doubt that Korean students and teachers will appreciate your contribution to Korean education.

Could you kindly approve our use of your homepage for EDUNET? We would like to use yours this comming August when we launch our EDUNET. I would like to hear from you at your early convenience via E-Mail ...

If granted, we will greatly appreciate your approval.

Rabbi M. L.:

Why don't you make the hagadah in other language like French? It will be appreciated in France, Canada, Belgium and other countries.

C. W. L.:

Shalom! I'm new to the Internet and just stumbled across your delightful Haggadah. Thank you for this gem!

Please let me know when it will appear in book form.

K'tiva v'chatima tova.


I am a Jewish educator and have been for the past 25 years. As a matter of fact, I have published a variety of Jewish publications...

I was just given, by a colleague, a xeroxed copy of your "Dr. Seuss Hagada." I love it and would like to purchase a copy of your book.

I can't find anyone who can get it for me. Please send me a copy with a bill and I will be most happy to write you a check...

S. W.:

I love your Haggadah. Unfortunately/fortunately my kids are adults so I will have to enjoy, but not at the Seder.

E. E.:

I have just downloaded your Children's Hagaddah. There will be four children at our Seder this year and we will be using it instead of the conventional Haggadah. Thank you very much.

L. K.

...After glancing at your Haggadah and seeing that you put it out in text format, I was wondering if you would be willing to collaborte in doing it as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format with graphics and formatting. I have experience with the program and would be willing to do it on your behalf...

M. G. S.:

Will use to distribute to teachers at museum in-service workshop to use as a language arts activity related to printing, illuminated manuscripts, books, etc.

Thank you.

Rev. D. F.:

Nice chat with Sheila Rogers this morning...too bad they didn't actually give people's home page addresses at the end of each interview...the Uncle Eli was enough of a clue for the search engine, however, and I enjoyed visiting your page.


B. and S.:

More magical than the way Elijah's Cup mysteriously empties, your wonderful Haggadah has become a special bookmark for our entire family. We intend to print it and use it this year to supplement our seder. Please, please get it published... it's fantastic! If only there were a way to "print" the incredible animations.

M. H.:

I enjoyed the CBC interview, and now your "children's book!" All the best to you and your family.

M.-J. L.:

Shalom Prof. Segal

I heard you interviewed on CBC and I immediately told my lovely amazing and fantastically wonderful wife... (Yes she is in the room with me) ...about Uncle Eli's Haggadah. She of course would not let me rest until I actually perused your very amusing site. I am certainly glad that I did, I especially liked the frogs. You obviously have devoted many hours to this labour and it shows, please keep up the exceptional work.

I look forward to spending more time checking out all the hypertext.

Merci, Thank You,

Mimi Hiller of "Mimi's Cyber-KitchenMimi's Cyber-Kitchen"

I'd like to recommend a cute site that's been around for awhile: Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Most Fun Ever Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah... It got the NetGuide Gold Site award...and it deserves it. There is a text-only version for those who can't make use of graphics, and they encourage you to print as many copies as you wish for your own purposes. Check it out.

Rabbi A. C. F.:

I have just seen your haggadah on my daughter's computer at college.

I love it! Mazal Tov!

I look forward to seeing it in print.

S. B.:

What a wonderful Haggadah! Too bad it wasn't around when I was a little girl, but at least my children can enjoy this original, wittily written (with nothing hidden) no cents common sense Haggadah.

B. G.:

Your Haggadah for children is wonderful, I gave it to our preschool director. Your Web page is remarkable. Do you have any suggestions for a child friendly Megillah reading?

J. B.:

Dear Eli:

I am a grandfather who knows very little of religion but wants to guide his grand children.

Looking for a Haggadah I found your beautiful page. I love your work.


My sincere apreciation.

L. and S. N.:

What can we say except Hooray!!!

Temple Beth El Poughkeepsie NJ "Judaism and Cyberspace" bulletin April 19 1997:

Uncle Eli's Haggadah and Passover

We were slaves to King Pharaoh,


This excerpt comes come "Uncle Eli's Special for Kids, Most Fun Ever Under the Table Haggadah." It is available on the internet at http://www.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal/Uncle_Eli/Eli.html or http://www.physics.brocku.ca/~edik/haggadah/Eli.html . Authored by Professor Eliezer Segal, of the University of Calgary, this haggadah includes the Halachma, Avadim Hayinu, Four Questions, Four Sons, Ten Plagues, Opening the Door for Elijah and other traditional sections of the Passover sedar, written as Dr. Seuss type rhymes. It can be downloaded from the internet free of charge.

We used this haggadah at our family sedar last year and it was a big hit with children and adults. For those of you who do not have access to the internet, we have left several copies of Uncle Eli's Haggadah ... at the Sisterhood book store. Feel free to borrow it and make copies (but please return it).

S. S.:

Being a young Jewish girl in a conservative Virgina town, it was very nice to read these selections. Many of my peers have yet to be exposed to the wonders of other cultures and religions, and by sharing these stories I can offer a door to understanding this cultural melting pot we live in. Reading these stories makes me even more proud to be Jewish, and, again I thank you for allowing me to share your funny and expressive words. Thank you!

A. S.:

I enjoyed reading the story,it is very sweet, but I'm sorry to say that in my opinion it is not such a great idea to read it to children instead of the Haggadah, though It's a good edition. A child can't learn much about the holidy, its meaning, history and customs from the story. I recommend the comics Haggada that was published in Israel, I'm sure it must have been translated to English by now.

A. S.:

I just wanted to thank you for putting your page together! I think it's great! I have a 15 month old daughter and I really want her to learn all about the holidays. I'm afraid I don't really know enough to teach her so we'll learn together and your version will help us do that!

Do you have it in printed form yet? Your answer on your page says not yet, but has that changed? If not, let me know. I don't know what I can do, but I'd be willing to try to help. It's worth it! This would be a great thing to publish!

L. C.:

What a wonderful story. My daughter (8 years old) wants to know if she can use this Haggadah for Pesach this year. It explains things so she can undertstand them. We live in a rather isolated area, 29 Palms, CA. and are over an hour from the nearest Temple. We do have a small congregation aboard the Marine Corps Base here... I'd love to share this with the other children in our congregaton.

Thanks so much

K. H.:

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the haggadah. I've already had some of your links on our website, and have added this to our Passover page. If you'd like, check the following URLs

M. S.:

Just a quick note to let you know how much I loved the Hagada.

I'm an English teacher in an elementary school in Mevasseret for less religious kids (pr "Halachically challenged"), and I'm always looking for ideas to excite the kids.

I hope that you'll be pleased to know that I have a set of pictures from my third grade to go with your four questions and IY"H I'll be putting them on my classroom wall tomorrow.

Keep up the good work.

John R. Quain


Pathfinder Web Reviews

At the Seder meal, The Four Questions are traditionally asked by the youngest attendee who can read. At Uncle Eli's Haggadah site, the meaning of Passover is communicated to us in a way anyone can understand -- through poetry. With numerous nods to Dr. Seuss, The Four Questions poem here is a wonderfully whimsical piece that will appeal to children learning about Passover. It contains hotlinks to answers to the questions, including the reason why at the Seder different foods are dipped in other items such as putting Maror in a sweet paste called Haroset. (In ancient times this was done only at feasts attended by free people, and thus it symbolizes freedom.) Getting linked up with this site in Canada requires some patience, but it's worth the effort.

D. N.:

As I was browsing the internet looking for something inspiring to use for our family seder of a mere 36, I came across your wonderful and creative Haggadah. I can't thank you enough. Todah Rabah!

J. L.:

We usually prepare an ecumenical seder and invite friends of all backgrounds. I have been looking for years for a Haggada that would explain the seder so everyone can understand it and enjoy it. I think yours might be the one.

Thank you.

Temple Beth El - Fargo, ND Web links

A real web gem.

Scott Meltzer."My Favorite Things"

My Mamash Favorites
...Uncle Eli's Illustrated Pesach Haggadah: Avadim Hayinu . . . We were slaves to Pharoah (and to Uncle Eli's painfully long Seders) . . . v'atah ben chorin . . . and now we are free (from Pharoah but we still got Uncle Eli's Seders). This brilliant, entertaining, educational, stupendous, wow of a site should be visited repeatedly between now and the 14th of Nisan.

J. B.:

Dear Dr. Seuss (Uncle Eli)

I love this hagaddah it is the best I've seen!!

I gave it to my Hebrew teacher she loved it

Are you ever going to make the real book!!!

I'll buy it

PHOAKS: Resources for soc.culture.jewish.parenting

R. K.:

- Consider using a childrens' hagaddah, or Uncle Eli's if you're really up for some fun We have always used the same one, but I wonder if my Aunt would be into Uncle Eli for the second seder...

A. K.:

...I just downloaded it from aol last week and read it to my Sunday school class (K/1) -- they thought that it was very cute. Thnak you for making this available to people via the web.

Rabbi E. N.:

Wow this is the greatest! What else should I expect from a fellow Canadian?!

Kol Hakavod!

B. M.:

Thank you for sharing your very original hagaddah. I love it and so will my guests on Passover!!

We found the haggadah on the internet and think it is adorable, and if you ever publish it would like information on how to purchase some. Thanks.

I have relatives in Calgary - I know the likelihood of you knowing them is slight, but still... I'd love to know if you know them!


I must admit, to being somewhat of an infomaniac this time of year. I was raised orthodox, spent years as a non performing Jew and in recent years, thanks to my kids, I look for ways to teach them about the religion in a way that won't make them hate it.

I have a seder every year and for weeks I search libraries and now the net for some points that the kids would find interesting and maybe a point or two that the adults can learn from.

I have come across your page and your Uncle Eli's Hagadah. What a joy. I plan to distribute the text to the kids and some of the points will be used to get the "grown ups" going.

You have some interesting views on this religion. Calgary is much too cold, even for the Ontarian here, otherwise I would have loved to take a course or two with you. Too bad the day of correspondence education is limited to the back of match book covers.

Again, thank you. May you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

One question....Why the harpsicord in the background? Daughters of Eli...ezer???

D. C.:

Uncle Eli -- Hag Samayach!

We at the Baltimore Jewish Times just love your Dr. Seuss's Four Questions. May we reprint them in our Passover edition next week, with full credit to you, of course (and we'll even include the web address for your site, if you like)?

K. W.:

Thanks for your great gift.

There must be some talented illustrators out there who have read this wonderful poem. It screams out for whimsical drawings. That is all it would need to keep the attention of any child.

Good luck. Please let us all know if it gets published with illustrations. We'll all buy multiple copies and have all parents and grandparents buy your book.

Thank you for your generosity! My 2 & 4 year olds will enjoy Uncle Eli as a bedtime story leading up to the seder itself. We appreciate your enriching our Passover experience--and we look forward to purchasing an illustrated version as soon as it appears in our Barnes & Noble!!

I. K. S:

Judith Abrams had your Dr. Zeus-like four questions on her maqom discussion group. I would like to share with some youngsters who will be attending our seder and just wanted to get your permission. I see you have okayed its use and just want to say thank you.

T. F.:

What a great website! Thanks for making it available.


B. S.:

I have been unable to receive the audio part of your beautiful Pesach page. I'm using Microsoft Internet Explorer and have installed RealAudio and have Mplayer installed as a player for Midi files. I don't know if you know what the problem is, but I would love to show this to my grandchildren when they come for Yom Tov (during Chol Hamoed, of course, or before Yom Tov if they come early). If you know anyone who can help me, let me know. Thanks a lot.
[Can anyone help?]

L. L.:

Dear Uncle Eli,

Thank you so much for this wonderful Haggadah. My family used it last year at our sedar. It was a great way for the youngest of our brood to offer their own sedar 'reading'. This year I have shared the Haggadah with some friends who are having large sedars with many denominations. Your Haggadah is a real mitzvah.

Thank You.

G. W.:

The Western Marble Arch Synagogue Sunday School used your Hagaddah.


J. W.:

Yashir koach in a huge way. We won't have any kids at our table this year, but we'll use your work anyhow, nothing to fear!

M. W.:

What a wonderfull hagadah!, it is an amazing treat for kids at the seder table because it is so understandable and easy to follow. Toda Raba! your contribution to our people is truly appreciated.


B. S.:

I am a very happy downlowder of your haggadah, whose delightful imagination will be a welcome addition at my home seder, and in future years, will be in use at my synagogue. I am the hazzan ... and I'm delighted to encounter your thoughtfulness. When I tried to look at your course materials this afternoon, "the network was busy"; maybe that means your students were actually accessing them? Anyway, as they say, I know where you live and will return.

With much appreciation, I wish you and yours a Hag Sameach v'kasher.


D. T.:

Dear Uncle Eli,

Thank you for your wonderful version of the Passover celebration.

I am a journalist and I would like to include your "poem" in a Lifestyle feature I am working on for the Passover.

You said "we" could make copies "until further notice." Would this be acceptable? I will be including reading for our adult readers. I thought it would be nice to include something for our younger readers, as well as others who might be more enlightened to the celebration.

G. S.:

Uncle Eli:

A hearty yaschoach to you for such a delight.

May you and your family enjoy your passover with good health and joy.

S. K.:

First and most important - I enjoyed reading your HAggdah and plan to use parts at my seder this year, thanks. Please forgive me for being pedantic about a wonderfully whimsical story. When reading about things we could eat during therest of the year I found that we couldn't eat tigers (assuming we follow the laws of Pesach I assume we keep Kosher too). Please change it to Ibex (kosheranimal), geysers (kosher water) or mushrooms (kosher fungus). Thanks again.
[You are absolutely correct! A warning is henceforth attached to the offending text!]

V. H. E.:

This is so cute. Is it for sale in some sort of book form?

S. W.:

Just a note of appreciation for your wonderful Uncle Eli's Passover Haggadah. I intend to read it at the Passover dinner I am having for my family and friends here ...

It might be of interest to know that this is a retirement community, 55 or older for residency, and that we are all mature and seasoned adults...no children will be present. I have always admired and enjoyed the Dr. Seuss stuff and raised my two daughters with many readings. So, I particularly appreciate your exceptional treatment of the subject, and being a Reformed and typical casual Jew I can read and enjoy your material without feeling disrespectful.

I am looking forward to our Passover dinner this year knowing we will, in our own way, be celebrating an honored Jewish tradition, and doing it in a way that will not be boring or routine...thanks to you.

P.S. If you should be interested, I have edited a few items, here and there, for clarity and rhyme adjustment, and if you are open to consider some minor editing of your terrific manuscript please contact me...I will respond promptly.

T. C.:

Great job on the Haddagah! Love the web page, too. Have a great holiday!

C. W.:

Hi Eliezer!

I had my son ...write to you since I rarely have time to get on the computer. I was so impressed with Uncle Eli's Haggadah. I teach at a Jewish day school and although I printed it off the web, I have about 10 people who want the real book. I will write to nostarch. By the way, my husband is in the Jewish book business so I get to see a lot of Judaic materials and yours is one of the best! Have you written other books for kids. Is there anything in print for sale?

M. D.:

Dear Mr. Segal,

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your Haggadah. It is priceless. I got the address from the religious school principal. The entire board (I'm treasurer) received a copy of the 4 questions. I wanted more! Our seder consists of 8 adults and 11 children, all my neices and nephews, and they are 10 and under. How to keep them all occupied in a home where my children have grown and gone? This haggadah is the answer!

A few years ago when my children were young, we wrote our own haggadah which was fun and concise. My husband then drew mazes whose themes were Jewish holidays. From there, he wrote funny stories to go with them. We tried to get them published but no Jewish publisher accepted them, saying they were too flippant. I thought they were fun, informative and attention committing. They are still unpublished but used in our Hebrew, Sunday school, and synagogue occasionally in our small town of Youngstown, Ohio. If you know of a publisher, let us know. They too, are too terrific to keep to ourselves.

Again thanks for sharing your genius with the world. Shabbat shalom and hag sameach.

L. & P. R.:

What a treat to find your Haggadah. We've decided to add a little spice to our seder and use it instead of our dog earred Haggadot. The kid's will probably enjoy it too!...

Phil Fink,
Host, Shalom America

I have read your story from uncle Eli... I would very much like to read it on my Shalom America radio show here in Cleveland. I air on Sunday morning.

S. F. and family

Dear Uncle Eli, I just discovered your page and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have seen so far! I have only done a cursory review but plan on spending more time here.

It is of interest to me as I grew up thinking (and having been taught) that I was Swedish, German and Irish. Recently a friend accessed some geneology resources and ran some of the maiden names that extend back for several generations on my Mom's side and lo and behold, we got back to about 1800 and all were Jewish! Sooo since this happened about my 40th b-day (don't know if it was symbolic or just humorous) 4 months ago we as a family have been checking out our roots. Thank you for providing a pleasant place to discover who we are and where we are from.

Thanks and have a pleasant weekend,

S. & J. T:

I am printing and reading and will be using the wonderful, creative seder you have created. My ex-husband (from Calgary) alerted me to your website and I am happy to have found it! I have actually visited UCalgary! Now I live in Miami! Keep up the amazing work and I will be looked for the printed, illustrated version!

Your Haggadah for kids is great. Please let us know if and when it will be available in print in both Hebrew & English. Our kids go to Brandeis School in Lawrence, NY and we would love to have the teachers take a look at it!!

Now that I have reached the age of grandparenthood, I am always looking for new innovative ways to stimulate love for the Jewish holidays. Thank you for providing our children's children and I am sure their children with such a joyous, witty, clever, motivating rendition of the story of the exodus. You are truly a doctor of spinning tales with the greatest flair. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the rest of us. A happy and sweet Passover to you and yours.

B. G.:

Please tell me how to find Green Eggs in order to Email is in time for the Seder.

Thanks-- Happy Passover

P. R.:

I Chanced upon your Haggadah while looking for Passover recipes. It is absolutely wonderful. I come from a family of mixed religions. All of us have young children who get lost during the Sedar. Your Haggadah makes trying to give a little of our religion to our kids fun, so maybe some of it will stick. Thank you so much for writing it.

Is there somewhere I can get a hard copy of this Haggadah so that it may be read during the sedar, intermittently with the regular sedar?

L. D.:

I've been surfing the net looking for some material to use for our Family seder on Monday. I'm always looking for ways to get the kids excited. We only have 8 children this year (it's usually around 12). Your Underground Hagaddah is fabulous! I plan on using several chapters in place of the equivilent material in our Hagaddah. I'm sure the kids are going to love it (This 40 year old kid certainly did!).

Congratulations on such great work, and thank you for making it available on the net.

D. A.:

Dear Eliezer, I know we've been out of touch for a few years but I'm contacting you in order to solve a great mystery, namely the appearance of "The Dr. Seuss Version of the 4 Questions" repeatedly on the internet (and about 5 times in my mailbox).

The rumour mill has it that *you* are the author of this masterpiece. If this is so, you should know that it is appearing everywhere as "author unknown" or not even with that minimal phrase. I would like to correct that wherever possible, so let me know if you are indeed the author.

F. D.:

Dear Dr. Segal,

I ... want to thank you Uncle Eli's Passover Haggadah, well done!....who says we can not have some fun on Passover?

N. P.:


We have four children ages 9 and under and use parts in a family Haggadah that we created. At our Seder we will have 12 children 9 and under so it is a big hit and really helps to keep the interest. Since some of the children now read Hebrew it would be nice to have some of the basic blessings included ( 4 questions etc. ). We photocopy, cut and paste to get them into our Haggadah now. Thanks again!

F. A.-W.:

Our family containes Christians as well as Jews who come together to celebrate Passover. The youngest are 3 and 6 (and are Christian) have been asking my children (ages 10 & 14) many questions about their beliefs. Your Haggadah WILL be used this year and will hopefully answer some of the questions the little one's have about the holiday. Many thanks for the creativity used to develope this wonderful Haggadah.

K. family

The youngest child at our Sedar is twenty-four ---yet he is still a child--- and will probably always be in his parents eyes. At any rate, this Site is wonderful. We wanted to do something different this year. Once we searched the Web, we immediately knew that we had found it. We will certainly enjoy the novelty of all that you have created.

D. G.:

Great Site. I wish someone would have put this together when I was a child.

Chag Sameach

Yasher Kochacha

Rabbi M. W. G.:

Huzzah for your charming "Under-the-Table" Haggadah supplement for children, which you were kind enough not only to share on an open-ended basis at your Web site, but to give blanket permission for reproduction of same.

I copied the text-only version of the file from your site; pasted it into Dagesh-2; and formatted with a few happy-face and Spring flower graphics and a Hebrew caption for each reading, connecting it its respective Haggadah rubric; and printed up 500 copies of the finished product as a gift to the boys and girls in our Religious Education program, from ages 3 to 16... who went ape. Per your specific request, let alone the ethics of "b'shem omro," the document was fully attributed, and read on the title page:

> by Prof. Eliezer Lorne Segal, University of Calgary - Alberta, Canada
> reprinted by permissionn and distributed as a Passover gift from
> the Religious School of Temple Beth Orr - Coral Springs, Florida

I have gotten gung-ho about this that, seeing your Four Questions cited at the HUC Spouse site by a colleague's wife who attributed it to "my friend Susy-Q in Bethesda," I e-mailed details of authorship including your URL for those who wanted to go to the source.

Thanx as well for the marvelously insightful liberal-arts course in Judaica you offer at your site-- the linked resources on Myticism, Orthodox and Modern Judaism, et. al. are simply delicious.

With Pesach greetings from the Swamps

M. M.:

Dear Mr. (or Ms. or Dr.??) Segal

M. B.:

Dr. Segal, This looks fascinating -- I printed the poems for tonight and will have to spend more time on this site when I have time. Chag Sameach.
I have very little info to go on, but my wife saw a cute "Dr. Suess" Passover poem that apparently came from you. One of the Sunday School teachers in our temple, Mishkan Torah, Greenbelt, MD got hold of it via her dad and was showing it to everyone, who was enjoying it immensely.

Please tell me how I can get a copy of what, I think, is referred to as: "Uncle Eli's .....Hagada???"

A. W.:

Dear Professor Segal, or Uncle Eli, or however I should call you,

I received the wonderfully Dr.-Seussian Four Questions in email the other day, as "author unknown"; but Alta Vista easily found the primary source. (Who else has "tiger on rye" (even if treif)? And I did let my friends on the email list know where it came from.)

Your Haggadah deserves to be spread far and wide! (Especially with some good original illustrations.)

I printed out the Four Questions and Avadim Hayinu (with attribution and URL!), and will be taking it to the friend's Seder I'm going to tonight. I probably won't be the one to ask the Ma Nishtana, but whoever does just might like your version in addition to the traditional one!

Thank you for brightening the lives of quite a few kids of all ages!

(I'm just out of grad school, and one of my favorite buttons says "Cleverly Disguised As a Responsible Adult". :)

Chag kasher ve'sameach.

C. S.:

Dear Uncle Eli:

I have just read your Haggadah. I went to it just to get the Four Questions, but started reading the rest and couldn't stop. It's wonderful.

I'm an editor at ... we publish fine illustrated books, including cookbooks, coffee table books, folk art books, and a very small line of Judaica. Have you thought about publishing Uncle Eli's Haggadah in book form? Would you be interested in thinking about it? I haven't brought the idea up here yet because I wanted to see if you would be interested first, but I'd love to talk with you about this later this week if possible.

A. & L. U.

This is the second year I will be adding Uncle Eli to our sedar table. I found your haggadah last year and used it to the delight of EVERYONE there. I just spent some time looking for some different haggadahs and have decided to stick with Uncle Eli.

Thank you for adding some genuine fun to our sedar again.

S. B.:

Thanks for your wonderful hagaddah. I needed something clever to contribute to our rabbi's seder and found great material. Looking forward to more internet publications and something in the book stores.

S. L. F.:

We really enjoyed your Haggadah, but we were having trouble printing it in the text format.

I have three children and they really enjoyed the humor.

Thank you.

D. S.:

This is my wife's and my first passover without the whole family, it is just the 4 of us this year. We have a 3 year old and 6 week old and my wife still wanted a sedar. I printed out a selected group of your selections to use this year at our sedar. We didn't want a full blown Haggadah since our son would never sit an hour or more. The Dr. Suess theme should amuse him and keep him in his seat along with our explanations.

Los Angeles Times:

ANGELES TIMES PICK This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on 17-Apr-97.

Children might enjoy Uncle Eli's Haggdah, a retelling in the style of Dr. Seuss.



Out of curiousity, did you write every part of your haggadah for kids, or did you find it? Please let me know, this is very important. The reason for this is because I found The Dr. Seuss version of the 4 questions, author unknown at another sight and it matches yours exactly. Once again, please let me know ASAP. Thank you

[Yes, it is entirely my own and copyrighted (though freely distributed). Please inform anybody who sends you a pirated edition of its true origins! Thanks.] Thank you and have a happy and healthy Passover....

S. I. W.:

A wonderful addition to our Seder. Yasher Koah to you for allowing us to use it.

J. W.:

The hagaddah is great fun; very cleverly done. It wqas enjoyed by everyone.

A question for you. I have seen a color printout of the full hagaddah produced on a Mac computer from AOL, but I been unable to print at all. I'm using a pentium machine, operating on Windows 95 and also using AOL as my ISP.

Any suggestions as to what can be done to print the text with graphics?

What is your next undertaking? Purim? Hanukah? Yom Kippur would be an interesting challenge.

Thanks for your effort.

[You should have gotten a Mac]

S. B.:

I must tell you that you have done a wonderful thing. I'm 32 yrs old, and was at my parents for the second seder (along with 24 other people) many of whom are accomplished scholars, writers and debators on the history of our religion. We we're all overwhelmed by your work that we worked it into the fabric of our seder, at my fathers direction, and all had a wonderful time.

We plan to use your work for years to come, as will I when the seder eventually moves to my house from my parents. I am interested in purchasing several copies of a printed version should you ever decide to publish, and would equally be interested in collaborating with you to expand your work - having been a fan on Dr. Seuss my entire life.

Good luck and thank you.

p.s. I have cc'd my father on this email, as I promised to try and locate a printed version if possible....sb

Bruce Kurta
B'nai Brith Jewish Tribune (Toronto)

I wrote to you when I found your site thanking you. I should tell you that: If you're ever in Toronto, please look me up. Would love to meet up with you.
Passover. To me, the most exciting of the holidays in the Jewish year. I love a seder. By the same token, the seder is the part of Passover that gives me the most anxiety. How do I teach my daughters (and whatever other children show up) the story of Passover without having them fidget in their seats and constantly ask to go to the bathroom?

When I was a youngster I would sneak looks at the page which said "The Meal Is Served" when my grandmother wasn't looking. After dinner I would count the pages to Hod Godya. Last year I could have sworn I saw my oldest daughter, Robyn show her friend, Jaclyn that the meal would be in fourteen pages.

Well, this year I decided to do some homework. I've looked at family Haggadahs, children's Haggadahs just to get some exciting ideas. Then it hit me. I have a computer. I have a modem. I have INTERNET. I have learned that you can search for almost anything on the information highway. This would be a good test. So off I went to Yahoo. Enter Passover. Wait a couple of seconds and....Bingo.

Two categories and twelve sites later I had more than I could have dreamed of . Chabad has a section on customs. Negev Foods, in New York has a site devoted to Kosher for Passover foods available from them. My eyes shot back to something that almost didn't make sense. "Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Most Fun Ever Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah." It was worth a look.

Eliezer Lorne Segal, a professor in Calgary Alberta wrote a version of the Passover story that you can give to younger children and have them prepare for the holiday.

He does it in rhyme, he does it in verse.
In fact I could swear it was Doctor Suess.
He explains Ha Lachma he explains questions four.
He even has stuff on opening the door.

Fourteen pages of verse that gives a child a wonderful idea of what we are doing this evening when it seems everyone in the family has come over and it's not even a birthday. Granted, you can't devote the entire seder to this type of work but imagine, every half hour or so, throwing in one of his spots. Imagine kids waiting for another explanation. Imagine your sons and daughters waiting to learn.

Segal puts only one stipulation down on his page. If you want to use his Haggadah just let the people in the room know where you got it and perhaps, how they too can find it. Well, Uncle Eli, here you are. Acknowledged and thanked. Let's hope my three year old sits through my favorite time of year.

You can find this web site at www.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal/uncle_eli/eli.html

Have a wonderful Passover and if you have found any sites on the Internet that are interesting to the Jewish community you can e-mail me at kurta@pathcom.com.

M. L.:

The story was good. It was funny. It was very long. The pictures were funny too. I liked it a lot. The music was good too. Thank you for putting the story on the net....

I am 8 years old.

I also wish you a happy Passover.

Sincerely yours

Lori Sheiman


My name is Lori Sheiman and I have a personal humor page with a moderate-sized Jewish humor section. I had actually received your "Dr-Seussian" Four Questions as an email listed as "author unknown", so I had already put it on my webpage. Recently a visitor to my page pointed out that you were the author of the piece and that you could be contacted at this address.

I am writing to request your permission to leave your joke on my webpage (with due credit given to you, of course).

Thank you.

-Lori :-)

M. E.:


Wonderfull Surprise

Thank You

Next Year in Jerusalem

(Or at least Hebrew version!!!!!)

S. L. D:

Chag Sameach! Some of my Fourth Grade students have met my challenge of illustrating some of your poems from your Hagaddah. Some of their submissions are excellent. May I send them to you? Where shall I mail them?

...By the way, we love the Hagaddah and I have used it often at my school. Let me know when you have it published.

R. S.:

Dear Uncle Eli,

My husband's family comes for the meal and tolerates the seder. I've even written my own abridged version for the night they are here to make it easier on them. Last week, after the youngest asked the Four Questions, I handed pages of your Four Questions to four adults to read, and what a hit it was! They don't usually expect me to joke about the Seder (they do all the joking), and they appreciated my effort to "lighten up." Next year, I hope to add more of Uncle Eli. Thanks, HS

M. L.:

Many thanks. Your story is wonderful.

I think your haggadah story is wonderful. As for the person who was concerned that the response to Nasty was child abuse, you might remind him/her that the text of the real haggadah says "v'af ata hakheh et shinav v'emor lo" which means you should hit him in the teeth and tell him... Clearly, you have some precedent. And I agree with you that the 4 sons aren't necessarily young children...

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