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David Bedno, the Doctor Seuss Web Site

Uncle Eli's Haggadah. The Passover Haggadah, annotated, so you don't even need to be Jewish to understand it. I'm ashamed it took me so long to get to this. It's the most comprehensive Dr. Seuss tribute/parody I've seen, in that it's entertaining, stylistically correct and educational at the same time.

H. H.:

To assorted individuals circulating the item "If Dr. Seuss had written the 'Four Questions'" (by "Author Unknown")
Folks . . . . .

I am thrilled that you all have "discovered" and enjoyed the creativity of Professor Eliezer Segal of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary . . . .

. Perhaps, if you are aware of other folks who are sharing this wonderful piece, thinking its author is unknown, that you will likewise give its author his appropriate credit . . . .

Even better, you might wish to visit his website (some incredible "swerious" literary resources are there as well) at http://www.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal or even drop him a note at elsegal@ucalgary.ca to let him know what you thought of his "4 Questions" piece.

A. B.:

I wanted to thank you for Uncle Eli's Haggadah. I recently used portions of it at Passover Workshop... Several families went home and accessed your site to use at their family seders. Of course the Four Questions and the Four Sons were big hits with families who wanted to have their children be more interested in the Seder.

I have already found the story on Sukkot in preparation for my Sukkot Workshop in September! Thank you again,

S. H.:

    Outstanding Web page.
    Often, our kids get 'bored', even though our small family Seder is somewhat abbreviated anyway.  But your Hagaddah really spiced up the Seder for us.  The kids asked that we use it agian.  Thanks very much, it's an idea who's time was overdue.   We look forward to next year.

A. G.:

I found your haggada amusing but wonder about the issue of copyright infringement in the use of Dr Seuss illustrations. Somehow I don't think this 'borrowing' is appropriate on such an apparently widely read web-site that is associated with a religous observance. I'd like to hear what you have to say about this.

M. and C. G.:

Shalom uv'rachot, Uncle Eli!

I hope you received your copy of the reprints we made of your delightful children's haggadah for distribution to the Religious School here... I can tell you that the kids went ape over them. The youngest students in our Nursery School were delighted with the Seuss-esque cadence and silly word-plays. More important, perhaps, jaded older students responded warmly to the tone and content of this "under-the-table" supplement, which validates their own often ambiguous (and sometimes even defiantly oppositional) attitudes towards a familiar ritual and then builds on that sympathy by engaging them in the seider in new and entertaining ways. One of the high school sophomores in our Confirmation class enthused that he wish he'd had Uncle Eli's haggadah, years ago. Take any or all of the above as a haskamah, if you like, but by all means get a publisher!

P. & T. W.

This is wonderful!!! Fantastic!!

Do you have this in print? for sale??

Anyway, I Love it!

Shalom, shalom

S. W.:

I hope you do not think it impertinent of me as a Christian to write to you and say thank you for the delightful Haggadah which I found while searching through Encarta. We, too, within the Christian faith are belatedly discovering the riches of such treasures and learning through new eyes of the foundations of our faith.

As a fan of Dr Seuss too it was a double delight to enjoy the wonderful rhymes and the delightful animated illustrations.

It is generous of you to share your efforts with us via the net: I would love to know if you have published it in book form.

Your work helps to break down barriers and increase understanding: I have had the enormous privilege of worshipping at a synagogue in Auckland while at theological college and listening with new appreciation of the Jewish faith as a rabbi came and shared with us.

Once again, thank you. I have smiled, laughed and enjoyed myself and learnt something, too. What more could I want?

With every blessing

S. B.:

I just wanted to wish a happy and kosher Pesach to someone who could put such a charming and cheerful Haggadah on the web! Thanks for your gift. I intend to bring it to both seders.

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